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Ready, Set, Go… No, Stop… Read This First

30. June 2008


A few tips on domain selection. You may have heard that it's important to get a domain with your keywords in it. The truth is, in this case it doesn't matter. The reason you hear about picking a domain with your own keywords is that when people link to you, it automatically includes said keyword.

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Contest Starts Tomorrow - Are You Ready?

30. June 2008


Remember, the hardest part about making money online is TAKING ACTION. I commend the participants for stepping outside their comfort zone and making a huge step towards adding positive cash flow to their business, month after month.

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30 Days Of Site Flipping - Setting Goals

27. June 2008

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In just a few short days you'll be able to register your domain and begin your first flip. Excited? You should be. Once you master the first one, you'll see how easy it is, and you may just want to do it again!

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Busy, Busy, Busy!

24. June 2008


Selling products online is fascinating to me. It's like a challenge that I constantly feel that I have to rise to the occassion for. It's much different than real-world selling... you don't get the human interaction.

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30 Days Of Site Flipping - Contest

21. June 2008


I'm going to walk you through an entire 30 day blog flip, and the goal here is to start a brand new site, have the best statistics, and sell it at the end to make yourself a profit! You'll get new articles that will help you along during the entire 30 days.

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Copywriting 101

18. June 2008


From the early ages of periodicals with advertisements, Sales Copy has been the weapon against the consumers wallet. It's up to you to use effective sales copy in order to pry crisp green bills, from the hands of the consumer.

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Vacation Reflections

16. June 2008


When I started blogging, I was always positive, upbeat and encouraging to those around me. I enjoyed other people who had the same attitude, so I knew early on that I wanted to be the same enjoyable voice for others.

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Picture Post - Virgin Islands

13. June 2008


I thought I'd try to include everyone in my vacation by showing some photos that I've taken so far. I've got tons of them, ranging from good to terrible, and have only begun to download them to the computer. I'll share with you some of them that I like. Enjoy!

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Don’t Let Them Get Away Stupid

11. June 2008


I had some time to kill on the flight, so I thought I'd get an update in before I started indulging in Rum and seafood and forget that I even own a blog. So, I wanted to point out a quick tip that I use that's a "long haul" strategy, using a short term method.

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Deals And Duds On Sitepoint

9. June 2008


Sitepoint is one of my favorite marketplaces to sell websites. It’s one of the best due to the simple fact that it charges to list websites for sale. This simple step keeps you from having to week through a bunch of junk to find the “gems” of a particular marketplace. However, no [...]

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