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Mon, Oct 27, 2008

Blog Flipping

Well, it seems to be time for another list post… haven’t done one in a while and people seem to really enjoy them.  Why not give to the people, and let you find some valuable tools, sites, and resources in the process?  Let’s get it going!


Fresh Drop - My favorite place to find some wonderful domains.  You can sort and view them in several different ways, and I almost always find what I’m looking for here.

eBay - A lot of people didn’t know that eBay sold domains… they do!  You can find some great domains on here for really cheap prices, and you can also find some mediocre ones for less than the cost of a normal registration!  Good source!

Digitalpoint - Nothing great usually, but always worth searching.  Some cheap finds here!

Sitepoint - More expensive, and higher quality domains.  Some pretty good stuff here usually.

Sedo - The best of the best when it comes to premium domain names.  For daily finds, I like eBay and Fresh Drop better.

Domain Generators

Bust A Name - Can’t think of a domain name?  Enter your keywords and let bust a name do the rest.

Name Boy - Ditto!


Hostgator - DuH!!!!

Link Building

Bookmarking Demon - My favorite tool on the market!

Fast Blog Finder - A great way to find blogs that are relevant to your niche to comment on.  Plus it has the added benefit of being able to sort by nofollow/dofollow and pagerank!

Do Follow Diver - A great tool made by our friend Breakaway.  This tool allows you to search for do follow blogs based on the keywords you enter.  It also searches to see if they have “top commentators” or “comment luv” plugins installed.

Article Submitter - Just what it sounds like.  Write an article, submit to multiple directories at once.  Great tool, and a really great source of high PR backlinks.

Directory Submitter - The same as article submitter, only for directories!

Website Values

Alexa - Booooooring, but valuable to compare one site against another comparable site.

DnScoop - Not even close to accurate, but it’s a great way to check links, pr, and Alexa all at one site.  This is good for an idea, but once again… I’d cross reference the figure with a site that you deem to be comparable.

Cwire - About as accurate of a website value calculator that I’ve come across.  Good work here!

Your Website Value - Not all that accurate, but pretty cool interface.

Cube Stat - Another really neat interface.


Sitepoint - Obvious, isn’t it?

Digitalpoint - For cheaper sites.  I enjoy buying here, but I try to stay away from selling sites on Digitalpoint.

There are a ton of marketplaces, but why list the one’s that suck?

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23 Comments For This Post

  1. Desmond - Says:

    Looks like I really must bookmark this eh? Nice list there anyway!


  2. jeff carter Says:

    Good list of tools. Thanks. Found Commentkahuna also useful for blog commenting and link building. Maybe you could list some useful forums also other than sitepoint or dp


  3. I.S Says:

    You should add Site5 to the list for hosting as their service is comparable with Hostgator’s and they are usually cheaper.


  4. RH58 Says:

    Announcing old website under new management.

    A place to advertise your domains and websites that you have for sale or wanted.

    All free at this time.

    This domain already has good stats and traffic. Please visit, post your wares and help us get the word out.

    Even if you have your sites advertised somewhere else you may cross-post them here for more exposure.



  5. Rajaie AlKorani Says:

    Those are some great links, especially since I’m planning on trying out site flipping very soon (hehe, what have I been doing all these days?)


  6. Andy Says:

    Bryan - Great list! I could have used this a year or two ago when I first started out.

    I am sure that everyone has their own hosting company they like but I also like hostgator!!



  7. Proxy Nations - The Best Updated Proxy Directory Says:

    I’m so pissed lol theres this PR 4 domain for $5 because of Bryan I found it, but godaddy not letting me getting the BIN FFS Godaddy go to hell lol..imma get this domain!!!!!!!!


  8. Proxy Nations - The Best Updated Proxy Directory Says:

    Sorry for the double, but can anyone tell me why godaddy keeps doing the following:

    ERROR: You are prohibited from bidding.


  9. RH58 Says:


    You have to sign in to GD and then find their TDNAM section and purchase a membership.

    It is only five bucks but still a pain in the butt.

    RH58 free buy and sell domains.


    Proxy Nations - The Best Updated Proxy Directory reply on October 28th, 2008:

    Thanks for quick reply, its a great ass domain too :), so outcome its $10 bucks total :’(


  10. Franklin Bishop Says:

    That is a great list you have there. I will make sure to bookmark it.


  11. Proxy Nations - The Best Updated Proxy Directory Says:

    Hey Bryan, I just noticed you didn’t have in your list :). Great domain source to buy from & flip.


  12. Trent Brownrigg Says:

    Wow! Great list of resources. I have bookmarked it.

    The only thing I don’t agree with is that you said Cwire is pretty accurate for a value calculator. It said the site of mine that I checked was worth only $289. It’s a 5 year old site, has very high Google rankings for many competitive keyword phrases, has thousands of inbound links, over 1100 pages indexed, PR2 (was a PR5), over 10,000 uniques per month, and makes around $2500 every month. I would says it’s worth a hell of a lot more than $289.

    Other than that I agree with what you have said about the sites on the list.

    Well done!


  13. jbsjp Says:


    I tried cwire and it too gave my site a value of $289, maybe there’s something wrong with the script?.

    Bryan - great list, thanks


    Trent Brownrigg reply on October 28th, 2008:

    Yeah there must be something wrong with it because I tried a few more sites and all of them said the same thing. I hope they get it working so we can see what it really comes up with.


  14. WebSketchz Blog Services Says:

    Good info. Saved it all


  15. WebSketchz Blog Services Says:

    Forgot to say how come you never reply to emails?


    Paul reply on October 29th, 2008:

    Bryan’s been busy lately:


  16. Rajaie AlKorani Says:

    Looks like was sold…

    Goodbye Bryan…


  17. Make A Video Says:

    I bookmarked this list too. My favorite item from the list is Bookmarking Demon. I recently obtained the newest upgrade and have been building links to my feeder sites like crazy with it. I’m still a little hesitant to use it on my money sites though.

    Thanks for the info Bryan . . . great a usual!


  18. Justin Says:

    Solid list. I use most of the same paid tools, except I like using article marketer for my article submissions. I’m glad they finally got around to the BMD updates too.


  19. jbsjp Says:

    Yes, i think this site has been sold, yesterday, all I saw was a parked page from GD!.


  20. Goldie Says:

    I wonder when we will hear from the new owner….


  21. Wynter Jones Says:

    Hey Bryan,

    [first time commenter, long time reader ]

    Great list! I’m going to be putting together a list on my blog soon with a bunch of great resources that I use on a daily bases for my website flips.

    For the Marketplaces, you basically only have - I use this marketplace exclusively too. Does anyone know of any others? Are there others!? (Digitalpoint is alright, but not good enough)


  22. Goldie Says:

    Am I missing something, why are people still writing messages for Bryan if he’s sold up and gone?


  23. Fleur Says:

    Thanks for the list. This will be additional resource for a blog I am currently preparing.


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