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Auto Blog Posting With Blog Overdrive

23. October 2008


Those of you that have been around a while will know that I rarely ever do affiliate pitches.  I’m not into promoting products that I don’t stand behind 100%, but I thought that this would make a great addition to my blog flipping methods, so I gave it a try. I’m uber impressed! First of all, you [...]

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PB’s Thoughts On Hurricane Gustav, Evacuation, and the Future of New Orleans

31. August 2008


Our buddy PB, formerly of The Piss Biscuit just sold his blog and packed up all of his important posessions in an attempt to flee New Orleans, before the devistation of Hurricane Gustav hit.  For those of you that haven’t been following along, Gustav is set to hit the gulf coast late Monday night, or [...]

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Blog Flipping Gone Wild - The Contest

25. August 2008


For those of you that know me well, I’m always coming up with new ideas that can get you guys involved and help to teach you this highly profitable craft.  Well, I’ve got a doozie for you here!  I’m calling this one my Blog Flipping Gone Wild contest, and it’s going to be highly profitable, [...]

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Great Video - Thanks Joe!

21. August 2008


My buddy Joe over at had this to say about my 24 hour challenge.  Pretty funny stuff.  Check it out.  And don’t forget the new post below this one.  I was a busy guy and got two posts out today!  That’s gotta be a new record here at SFU.

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Challenge Accepted - It’s On!

18. August 2008


If you have no clue as to the meaning of my headline, please refer to my post about my blog flipping challenge.  Well my friends, the challenge has been accepted, and here’s how it’s going to play out. I don’t have any free time until Friday to do this, due to prior commitments and the fact [...]

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Creative Monetization & Selling Your Own Products

14. August 2008


More often than not, flipper don’t take into account the money they SHOULD be making while flipping a blog.  Monetizing some niches is harder than others, granted, but with creative monetization, you can monetize anything.  What’s creative monetization?  It’s using your brain to figure out something you can sell in your niche that isn’t being [...]

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Don’t Let Them Get Away Stupid

11. June 2008


I had some time to kill on the flight, so I thought I'd get an update in before I started indulging in Rum and seafood and forget that I even own a blog. So, I wanted to point out a quick tip that I use that's a "long haul" strategy, using a short term method.

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How To Make Money Flipping Websites And Blogs

29. April 2008


Flipping blogs and sites is a niche that is set to explode. We already are at the point where we're seeing 6-12 month old blogs being sold for 5 figures, so the future holds unlimited potential. Time to learn these skills while you can still profit from them.

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