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How To Get High Quality Backlinks

30. May 2008


As promised, I want to show you the way to get some real high quality backlinks for your main blog, or for you blogs that you plan to flip. When flipping blogs, one of the factors of valuation for the buyer is how many backlinks your blog has, and it's pagerank.

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Get More Organic Traffic

28. May 2008


Building organic traffic is all about generating backlinks. And let's go one step further... high quality backlinks, but I'm getting ahead of myself. The question is - How do I generate more organic traffic?

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This Guy Is Off His Rocker!

26. May 2008


I came across a trackback today to Justin Brooke's site Site Flip King. First off, it's not Justin who is off his rocker. Justin made me a member at his paid membership site Site Flip Academy, and he's got a lot of stuff that's pretty valuable within it's members area.

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How To Spot A Bad Deal

24. May 2008


When buying websites or blogs, there are a million bogus deals out there just waiting for a sucker to come along and eat the bait. There are wonderful deals to be had online, but you just have to be careful and do your due diligence before biting on what appears to be a wonderful deal.

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25 Must Bookmark Tools For The Website Flipper

21. May 2008


To be successful in this game, you must have a good selection of tools to help you do your job. Most of them are free, and any of the paid can be substituted for free ones, but the name of the game is making your life easier.

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Make Money Online Blogs: Ridiculously Overpriced - Maybe Not

19. May 2008


It's no secret that make money online blogs have sold for quite a bit on the open marketplace lately. However, I tend to think just the opposite... for long term investors, make money online blogs may actually be UNDERVALUED. Here's a few reasons to scoop one up RIGHT NOW!

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Not All Links Are Created Equal - Determining Factors Of High Quality Links

15. May 2008


Today, I'd like to spend some time talking a bit about SEO, and how to start getting streams of organic traffic coming to your blog day after day. The best part about organic traffic is the fact that it's semi-passive. It's one of the few methods that allows you to reap benefits months, or even years later.

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Repeat After Me… Organic Traffic Sells Websites

13. May 2008


When it comes to traffic there are three main ways to send traffic to your turnkey sites. Of course, these three methods could be split up into dozens more, but from an overview perspective, I'll give you what works. These three methods all have their pro's and con's... so the best way to build traffic would be to utilize all three.

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Editing Turnkey Websites - Video Post

8. May 2008


Here we'll cover how to edit the information within a turnkey website, so that your monetization methods appear rather than the default ones. We'll also show you how easy it is to get these sites set up and running on your own server.

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Buying Turnkey Websites

5. May 2008


Just like anything else, when flipping blogs, websites, turnkey sites, whatever... the money is made when you buy, not at the sale. The right price plays a huge part in how much money you'll make later when you go to resell.

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