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Sample Sales Copy For A Sitepoint Auction

Wed, Jul 30, 2008


Some of you are getting ready to sell, so I thought that this could definitely be a template to help you get the most for your site on sitepoint.  I recommend re-writing it, but it’s a great tool to help you out.  Neccessary parts of this will be in bold, so don’t leave them out.  The biggest part of writing sales copy is focusing on the positives of your blog.  There will be drawbacks, there always are, but we are going to push past those and focus on what makes our blog wonderful. The key is to answer questions before they are asked, so that you always remain in control of the sale.  Try this out:

Intro (these headings are for your benefit, I don’t recommend using them in your auction)

Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to view my auction.  Up for auction is my wonderful blog and I think it’d make a wonderful addition to any investors portfolio.  It’s a site that I started just over a month ago, and have had some great success with.  I’m sad to see it go, but the money is better served on other projects, and in all reality I didn’t have the time to take this one on when I did.

Statistics (you don’t need all these, just give 3-5 that are positive!)

  • 203,000 Alexa Ranking
  • 24 Rss Subscribers
  • $81.39 Revenue (one direct advertiser, two affiliate sales, proof on the right)
  • 120 Average Unique Visitors a day
  • 390 Average Pageviews per day
  • 4.4% Organic Traffic


The most popular question in these auctions is generally… how’d you get your traffic?  Mine was a mixture really, with a lot of focus on social bookmarking.  I submitted every post to stumbleupon and Digg, and have received some great results.  I have many people from those sites that are now RSS subscribers, or that comment and follow my blog regularly. Overall it’s been a great success. == Make sure to tell them that you are seeing repeat visitors from social traffic (if you are), because most view social traffic as junk traffic.


I’ve also done my fair share of SEO work.  I’ve built links by commenting on other blogs, forums, and using software (don’t be specific) to help me increase my Google visibility.  Overall I haven’t had a lot of organic traffic, but those that know SEO know, It takes time!  I’m pretty pleased that I’m up to 4% in such a short time.

Community aslo has a great readerbase with each post averaging over 10 comments.  I have already built a small fanbase, and whoever takes over the blog will be taking a step in the right direction by having a loyal community.

Content/Posting Frequency

The blog received fresh content daily, and has a total of 31 posts.  All was hand written by me, and is 100% duplicate content free.  Check for yourself at!

I’ve attached screenshots at the right, and if you have any questions, feel free to message me here.  I’ll get back to them as quickly as possible.

This is a sample of the sales copy I use regularly at Sitepoint.  All of the headings are bolded, and I don’t recommend actually using them, it was just so you guys knew what to talk about next.  The other things that are bolded need to be changed to fit the statistics of YOUR blog.

Remember, focus on the positives.  As a car salesmen selling a gas-sucking SUV you’d be pointing out the comfort, functionaltiy, and the features of the SUV  — not the fact that it might get 12 miles per gallon, and it crushes little old ladies if you aren’t looking.  I’m not saying to lie, that’s wrong.  But don’t blatantly point out the negatives… if people want to know bad enough, they’ll ask.  Then you can tell them in private.

Good luck!

I Love Social Bookmarking
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  1. The Affiliate Post Says:

    Ask and you shall receive….thanks Bryan


    Bryan Clark reply on July 30th, 2008:

    No problem. Actually had this in the queue, but your comment reminded me! Thanks!


  2. Jay Says:

    Hey Bryan, Good tips.

    One thing I’d add is a little blurb about the “30 day challenge” for this particular sale (You don’t even have to refer to it as a site flip).

    I know buyers check to see where backlinks are coming from and a lot of the backlinks from these sites show up as coming from SiteFlipU and other contestant blogs where they linked to their entries and talk about the flipping contest.

    The reason for selling you provided is good, and 86% of sellers say this same thing on their sales page (I’ve used it. lol)….

    “I’m sad to see it go, but the money is better served on other projects, and in all reality I didn’t have the time to take this one on when I did.”

    …but I’m saying to not totally leave out the flip contest.

    Here’s why:

    1. If I’m going to be doing this ALL the time, several sites a month/week/ or even daily, then the “reason for selling” is going to get old fast. I’d rather just tell it straight, “it’s what I do, I build solid foundations to get you started”.

    The site being built for a flip contest doesn’t make the stats any less valuable. In fact, you can probably put a spin on it and say “I put extra love into this one due to my competitive spirit”. Ok, not that, but you know what I mean. LOL.

    2. There are a lot of people that LOVE to uncover “missing facts” and post it on the sales thread in a negative manner (as I’m sure you’ve experienced), even if they don’t plan to buy. Although you’re not lying or being devious by not saying anything about the flip contest, I think you’re adding that much more credibility as a seller by mentioning it up front – especially to the potential buyers who “discover it on their own”.

    I’d also be sure to menton that “This site won’t crush little old ladies ”.

    What do you think?


    theaffiliatepost reply on July 30th, 2008:

    “This site won’t crush little old ladies ”. LOL LOL LOL

    Aside from that lil coment Jay, that is good advice as far as I can see. There is no real need to lie you just need to present the facts in the right manner. Lest we forget that there are way too many unscrupulous sellers out there already and I think that as you so rightly point out..we are looking to do this for the long term so mess with your reputation - rather build strong foundations for successful site flipping. Point two is right on the money!!!


    Bryan Clark reply on July 30th, 2008:

    It was sarcasm Jay. I was kinda playing around and saying that most sellers say this. I definitely recommend your approach.


    Jay reply on July 30th, 2008:

    Ah! I let it get by me somehow. My sarcastic views will sometimes cancel out sarcasm that I’m reading.


  3. Missy Says:

    I was waiting for this post, as i feel that the sales post on Sitepoint, is super important.

    I tend to leave alot out, and this is not good. I won’t on this one. I’m going to be super thorough, and detail everything.

    Jay: It really has been a labor of love, you’re not wrong there. I think it’s a pretty solid start for someone. If new owner doesn’t plaster the blog with paid links, it will get a nice PR in October. For sure.

    Bryan: We list it on August 1st, right?


    Bryan Clark reply on July 30th, 2008:



  4. Missy Says:

    This is unrelated. But i have another question for you all.

    How does one create an RSS powered blog, such as this one:

    If you know, please share. I have to learn how to do this, for a new project of mine.


    Bryan Clark reply on July 30th, 2008:

    Missy — Check out a software called Rss2Blog. It’s expensive, and it won’t get you great rankings generally, but it can do what you want it to.

    I don’t suggest auto-blogs. VERY short term income stream. As soon as Google finds these, they get hammered.


    Missy reply on July 30th, 2008:

    The blog is not for me, but for someone who inquired on it. I am trying to get a blog set up service going, and of course my first taker, is somoene asking for something i dont know how to do. Arggh!

    I thougt maybe there was wp plugin that facilitates this. Im not going to spend money on it. I’ll keep looking. Im gonna lose my first customer. Yikes!


    Forest reply on July 31st, 2008:

    HEy Missy there are plugins that do it…

    I tested one once and accidently ripped 20 articles from some poor souls blog through testing!! I deleted the blog but was satisfied knowing it could be done :).

    Sorry I can’t remember the name of it!!

  5. Jay Says:

    What’s your opinion on:
    Duration of the auction for best results?
    Starting bid?

    I think it’s a good idea to start low, get the bidding started fast. Then, add a BIN price after a few days when you can sort of get a better idea of where the price is headed.
    (I once put a BIN on one from the get go that was too low and I kicked myself after receiving multiple bids that were higher after someone BIN within hours. )

    I guess there could be downsides to starting low (especially without a reserve price), but I also think it helps to give potential buyers more of an urge to pull the trigger if they see multiple bids in a short period…even if low.

    If starting bid is too low, it might also send the message to buyers that you don’t put much worth on the site.

    What say u?


    theaffiliatepost reply on July 30th, 2008:

    After searching sitepoint through and through last night, I would also like a little guidance on Jays questions.


    Bryan Clark reply on July 31st, 2008:

    Geez, why don’t you guys just ask me the meaning of life?

    It’s really a tough question to answer. I’ve had my best results with a low BIN, but my absolute best sale $10,500 — came from having no BIN.

    I can’t give you the answer here. However, if you are going to use a BIN, go low. Keep it at no more than 10x revenue for these types of sites. Also, I generally have success starting the bidding at around $100. I even did this with OMG when I sold it.

    And Jay, sitepoint has changed. You can’t add a BIN mid-way through the auction like you used to be able to. You can however, set a high BIN and lower it as the auction goes, but this looks desperate.


    Jay reply on July 31st, 2008:

    LOL @ meaning of life.

    Regarding the BIN, I added a Buy It Now Price mid-way through an auction that I sold on July 18th.

    I’m not sure if it is category-specific, or maybe something to do with being verified (with their new system - which I am).

    It also could have been a bug with the new auction system that just implemented a couple months ago.

    I wrote to them to ask the details. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a clear answer in the first few minutes I looked.

    I’ll let you know.

    Jay reply on July 31st, 2008:

    For the record, you should be able to add BIN after auction started - in all categories.

    Confirmed by Nonie @ SitePoint.

    The Affiliate Post reply on August 1st, 2008:

    Whats the meaning of life Bryan?

  6. Missy Says:

    Here is link to my blog set up service on eBay. What do you think? (critique away) Is my price to low?


    Nick reply on July 31st, 2008:

    People buy this? Back when I was wordpress-retarded they had a service available for free where someone did all this for free.


    Nick reply on July 31st, 2008:

    ok, that came off kind of harsh. That wasn’t my intent. Easy money, you get paid, and the people get what they pay for. I wouldn’t exactly advertise here, though. You got a bunch of people here that are looking to get paid…


    Missy reply on July 31st, 2008:

    free? nothing in life is free. would you work for free? i dont think so.

    just because this is something that i know well, doesnt mean it has no value. it took me a year to learn what i now know. and there is still plenty more to learn.

    obviously, the service is aimed at newer bloggers, not those who already know how to fully set up a wp blog.


    Bryan Clark reply on July 31st, 2008:

    Auction looks good Missy, I hadn’t even considered doing something like that. Good luck to you!


  7. Link Building Bible Says:

    Wow…. thanks a bunch…. I have tried to sell one of my niche blogs and it didn’t go so well…. im not expecting too much for it, but i got no bites whatsoever…

    When’s the next contest?


    Bryan Clark reply on July 31st, 2008:

    Niche blogs are a bit tough to sell. They generally have to have great rankings for their keywords, and have some established revenue.

    Next contest? Not sure… I’m sure we’ll figure out something to run a contest on though!


  8. zania Says:

    Very good luck everyone with this.

    I’ve never sold a site so I’m really interested in seeing how this all goes.

    Oh and Missy (sorry haven’t looked at your blog sale yet)
    Go to Wordpress dot org and look for the FeedWordpress plugin. It’s free. I use it a lot on my adult blogs, but others in mainstream use it too

    It works ok with 2.51, but I’m not so sure about 2.6.
    As Bryan said, it’s not to be recommended long term, but it does the trick in the short term


    Bryan Clark reply on July 31st, 2008:

    Good stuff. Thanks for the tip Zania.


  9. JK swopes Says:

    Great stuff Bryan. I can’t say this is something I’d use at the moment, no blogs for sale. However, I can see this being beneficial in the future or just plan ole’ good to know info! Keep it up.


  10. Missy Says:

    Zania: Thank, will take a look right now, and see how it works. By the way, i havent stopped on by your Zania blog, cause of the name. Is it an adult blog? If not, i will stop on by. Thanxs alot for the tip on FeedWordpress. Will take a peek at your blog.

    Nick: For someone who DID NOT JOIN the contest, you sure have loads to say, bud. Put your money where your mouth is. Oops! too harsh. Let me re-tract, why didnt you join the flip contest? I see you on Bry’s blogs all the time, what gives.

    Fact is there are people who are busy, and dont have time to fully set up and configure their WP blogs. That is where someone like me would come in, and help.

    We have knowledge now, as we spend boodles of time online, trying to perfect our craft. Our craft is blogging and blogs. My family for one, is as you would s delicately put it, retarded with anything related to blogs. We are in a techie field, not eveyone knows this stuff.

    We spend whole days on the PC, talking about blogs, SEO, internet marketing, domains, ec. But we are jaded, and think others know about this stuff, when in reality it is Chinese too many.

    Doctors go to school for 10 years, and when they open up a practice, and slap you with a $100 exam fee. You are paying for his/her knowledge and skills.

    I think there is definitely a market for blog set-up, and i hope to bring my skills to the table.


  11. zania Says:

    no it’s not an adult blog - long story about using a domain name I had hanging around at GoDaddy…
    It’s on the MMO nich. Not set up to make money, but really just to clarify my thoughts on the process.

    And I agree with your sentiments about your ebay advert (and your frustration with the comment…). Why the heck not advertise this service? Any skill you can utilise is well worth following up.


  12. Jay Says:

    My site is up. It’s 4am here and I’m burnt out but I hope to wake and see your guys’ blogs up for sale tomorrow!


    (@Bryan: Edit this if you don’t want the link here for any reason).


    Bryan Clark reply on August 1st, 2008:

    Awesome. Thanks for the info about the BIN too Jay. On the old sitepoint marketplace I used to start without a BIN and add one according to how the auction was going. I wasn’t able to do it on the new one, but I see now that it was user error, or me not being able to find it! Thanks for the great info.

    Good luck!


  13. CoachKip Says:

    Thanks for the great information and copy. Sales copy is something that I have always struggled with. I do feel like a used car salesman. I will be using this (rewriting of course) and utilizing it for my future sales.


  14. Missy Says:

    Am wondering what should i set the auction length at?

    10 days, 7 days. (or longer) ??


  15. Missy Says:

    Never mind, im gonna set it at 7 days. Thanxs!


    Bryan Clark reply on August 1st, 2008:

    I ususally set it at 7 days Missy. Did you already list it? I can’t find it in the marketplace.


  16. Missy Says:

    I just listed it. I have a few questions though.

    1.) What screenshot software do you use, my browser-based fireshot is acting up.

    2.) Which tool do you use to find the google and yahoo backlinks, my mind is totally fried today. I normally use iWebtool. But it shows as only having 3 backlinks, which is WRONG.

    3.) How’s my title? Does it grab you.

    4.) How do i authenticate the blog in Sitepoint? something about downloading a text file??

    5.) Do you reccommend Paypal? After getting burned last time, im weary of using it. I have set up and credit card as payment methods.

    To complicate matters, freakin Firefox is acting up. Argghhh. Hectic Friday.

    Let me know. Thanxs!


    theaffiliatepost reply on August 3rd, 2008:

    Re: 4.) You just have to upload the txt file to your domain and then click the verify button. Takes no time at all!

    Nice listing Missy….and a bid already. Good luck with that!


  17. Bryan Clark Says:

    Think we got them answered… right?


  18. Missy Says:

    Oh, yes. Thanxs for that good chat.

    I added the screenshots using Fireshot. I finally got it working. I am not doing Paypal, but only escrow and credit card as payment methods.

    Have received two inquiries, and one bid so far. Reserve has been met. Let’s see how it turns out.


  19. Jay Says:

    Site Sold

    @Missy: Switch to Mac. Screen capture is built in - Command + Shift + 3.


  20. Girish Says:

    Congrats Jay :), the listing copy was pretty good. Maybe, you should have set the BIN higher seeing the recent trend of the prices for “going green” VRE.


    Jay reply on August 2nd, 2008:

    Hey Girish, Thanks! I don’t think it would have went for too much more, regardless of the niche. I rarely see a 30 day old site with 20 posts and zero revenue go for more than a few hundred dollars.
    However, I had a lot of potential buyers comment about, and seem to really like the content, which was nice.

    I think we both got a fair deal. The buyer has a great foundation for a long term site, if that’s why she bought it. I came very close to keeping it. lol. But, I’m a “flipper first”


    Missy reply on August 3rd, 2008:

    Jay: Excellent flip. I’m gonna write a post on the experience, and what i learned. You did a great job!

    I have a few other sites im getting ready to flip, one thing i notice is how important presentation is. The better the auction description, the better the sale tends to go. So on to that.

    Thanxs also for your tips via PM at Sitepoint. You’re awesome.


  21. Bryan Clark Says:

    Wonderful job Jay. Congrats on an outstanding flip, and I am really proud of you and everyone else that took part. I’m glad to see you got such a good amount out of it.

    Oh, and I’ve been meaning to ask you… what theme is that?


  22. Jay Says:

    Thanks Bryan! And, thanks for holding the contest. I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie amongst the conestants and learned quite a few valuable tips.

    The theme is one of Adii’s (same designer as this new SiteFlipU one). It’s called Flash News. His themes are @



  23. theaffiliatepost Says:

    Yeah, well done Jay…….awesome job!

    So I got mine listed for you all to see


    Missy reply on August 3rd, 2008:

    Nice listing AP. Good luck to us both.


    AP reply on August 4th, 2008:

    Thanks Missy…now all I need is a bidder or two

    Like Bryan says below, there is no point ending early as you have nothing to lose. For the sake of a few days just hold out and see what happens.


  24. Forest Says:

    Woo hoo, been busy and missing a lot… better go join that forum.

    Well Done Jay.. and Missy, I hope your set up service works out… I thought of doing this too a while back but realised a hate setting them up


  25. Missy Says:

    I have a quick question. Has anyone ended an auction early on Sitepoint? If so, what happens. Does current bidder win auction?

    Should i end my auction for Bloggers Search early, or let it ride. It is currenty at $200.

    What say you?


  26. Bryan Clark Says:

    Let it ride. You can’t get any less than $200, and there’s always the possibility to get more.


  27. Asuka Says:

    This is great information. I have been building a and following your advice. Everything is going very well and I am now looking into selling it. I wasn’t sure how to list it. Cheers!


  28. fornetti Says:

    I do not believe this


  29. Ganesh Says:

    I have a blog with almost the same stats and I’m looking to sell it for $250. The problem is, I don’t have enough funds to list it in Sitepoint.


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