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Giving away Free

20. November 2008


alt=”Popular Site Flipping Membership Site & Highly Reputable Site Flipping Blog ” title=”Popular Site Flipping Membership Site & Highly Reputable Site Flipping Blog ” src=”” />

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Message From Bryan - (SOLD)

4. November 2008


Hey everyone, if you didn’t know already Site Flip U has been sold.  I sold and for $32,500 to an investor from Maryland that prefers to remain nameless.  I figure there are at least a few of you out there wondering why I sold, and the truth is this… I’M BURNT OUT!  I [...]

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The Blog Flipping Toolbox (Bookmark This!)

27. October 2008


Well, it seems to be time for another list post… haven’t done one in a while and people seem to really enjoy them.  Why not give to the people, and let you find some valuable tools, sites, and resources in the process?  Let’s get it going! Domains Fresh Drop - My favorite place to find some wonderful [...]

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The Importance of Quality Design On Site Flips

14. October 2008


Maybe I’m just a snob, or (more likely) there is a huge problem going on right now with novice site flippers.  Have any of you Sitepoint trolls (like me) noticed the overwhelming amounts of junk that are littering the marketplace lately?  Newbie site flippers are jumping in to the Site Flipping arena feet first, and [...]

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What Makes Me Sick Of MMO’ers

8. October 2008


Warning:  If you don’t like rant posts, you might want to check out another blog. I don’t even know how to put into words what I’m feeling at the moment.  I guess I could call it disappointment, but I suppose it’s more than that.  I’ve had two refund requests for Blog Flipping Blueprint today (my [...]

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Why Some People Will Never Make Money Online

23. September 2008


Ryan, Ryan, Ryan.  I’m not even sure how to start this post.  I guess we’ll start with Ryan’s article over at  I’m baffled, and not sure where to begin, so I guess we’ll start by picking his article apart, one point at a time. So basically, Ryan says that Site Flipping sucks, which is cool, [...]

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Site Flipping Weekly

18. September 2008


Hope everyone had a good time. See you guys next week!

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Pre-owned Gold At Freshdrop.Net

14. September 2008


I’ve been a bit under the weather lately, hence the lack of posting.  I’m still not feeling great, but I didn’t want to go this many days without posting something.  I’m not here to give you a long article about why you should do this, or the best place to do that, but I do [...]

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Nick’s Take On The 24 Hour Challenge

5. September 2008


Guest Post by Nick Underhill As many of you may, or may not know, I’m a long time reader of Bryan’s blogs.  We launched our original sites, the IWS Sports Blog and One Man’s Goal, around the same time, and through the fate of a Google Search, we were brought together.  Over time [...]

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Blog Flipping & The Obvious Parallels To Real Estate Investing

26. August 2008


Years ago, savvy investors saw huge profit potentials in real estate.  They purchased houses that they believe were undervalued, renovated them, and then sold them for huge profits.  Well, the housing market is down almost nationwide, so maybe it’s time to draw a parallel to blog flipping, and focus on what made real estate investors, [...]

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