I’d like to take this chance to thank everyone that made it here to Site Flipping University or Site Flip U.

My name is Bryan Clark, and I’m a full-time internet entrepreneur. I started my journey in June of 2007 with a different blog aimed at documenting my journey to become a full-time, self-employed, web entrepreneur, which I later flipped for $8,500, and then purchased it back, only to sell it a second time for $10,500. Some call it arbitrage, blog flipping, website flipping, or even virtual real estate investing… but the only thing that most people will agree on, it is PROFITABLE!

I learned shortly into my experiment that I made quite a bit of money by just laying a solid foundation and some support walls onto a website, and then selling it to someone else who had an interest to take over an established product, and run with it. These people are thinking long-term, which is always smart. And I’m no dummy by any means, so I have long-term blogs as well. But it’s always a nice income when you can sustain yourself by selling blogs, so that you can re-invest the money into your long-term projects. If this were a flow chart, it’d be one big circle, with a section that deposits money in my bank account somewhere in the middle. Not a bad flow chart!

My goal here is to teach you the same profitable and proven methods that I use to obtain crazy amounts of income (5 figure months is not uncommon), and offer you the chance to apply my teachings so that you can reap the same rewards.

Everyone knows that Make Money Online blogs generally make very little money, so I have to confess… I’m not doing this one for the cash. My promise to you is this… I may use affiliate links from time to time, but if I do, it’s because it’s a product that I use, and believe in. I will never try to sell you junk products, just to make a buck.

I hope that you run with the information that you are given here. The techniques are proven, and they work for me every single day. Use them, and you’ll be able to line your pockets in no time!