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Contest Starts Tomorrow - Are You Ready?

Mon, Jun 30, 2008

Blog Flipping

All those that are officially in the contest, I need you to email me your username and password to your feedburner and analytics accounts that you’ve created for this contest (bryanclark82 (at) gmail (dot) com).  If I don’t have this information by tomorrow, then you won’t be allowed to compete.  I have to be able to track your site from DAY ONE!

There are only a few “actual” participants, with many more watching and practicing from the sidelines.  Don’t ask me why they chose to do this, it makes no sense to me… you are learning to do something incredibly profitable, and winning some wonderful prizes in the process.  Remember, the hardest part about making money online is TAKING ACTION.  I commend the participants for stepping outside their comfort zone and making a huge step towards adding positive cash flow to their business, month after month.

I’ll get another post out by tomorrow, and I want to make sure that everyone here checks in every day for the next 30 days.  I’m going to try my hardest to get useful information out to you EVERY day during the duration of the contest.  Of course, I may take the weekends off, but I’ll still SIGNIFICANTLY up my posting frequency so that I can help you guys along.  Who’s ready?

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  1. theaffiliatepost Says:

    Did you ever answer my question regards the analytics?…..are we installing your code or setting up our own accounts? and for those of us on time difference….at what time (in UK) can I purchase the site tomorrow?

    Will you be doing a post on all participating blogs?

    I’m ready…..will email when all is set up tomorrow!


  2. jayson Says:

    Hey Bryan -

    It’s Monday so I may be a little slow this morning, but I was planning on setting up Analytics and Feedburner once I grabbed the domain name. Should I be setting these up with hopes that I get the domain I want, or just make the accounts generic?



  3. Piss Biscuit Says:

    @ Bryan: Same question as Jayson. Should I go through all of that rigamaroo now or later?

    I AIN’T getting disqualified before we’re out of the gates here!


  4. Jay Says:

    Hey guys,

    I already have an Analytics acct, (as I’m sure you do) but I set up another one for this just so Bryan can’t dig around my sites and find out my secrets to getting toe fungus traffic.

    I just set up a new account, and put in “any domain” during the set up. The same for feedburner. I created a “new account”, but just didn’t activate a feed/domain yet.

    That’s done, but I have no idea of the niche I’m doing yet, so you guys are probably way ahead of me already lol



  5. theaffiliatepost Says:

    We are in the same boat. I have accs set up but no idea what I am going to do here. Perhaps I will steal PB’s niche and do lawnmowers

    I’m waiting for bryan to wake up and answer some of my questions too!!


  6. Bryan Clark Says:

    Alright I’m up! And at the early-bird hour of 2:30PM no less!

    You can set it up like Jay mentioned, thanks Jay! Or, you can wait until tomorrow when you can officially register your domain, and then set it up. I need the info no later than tomorrow though.

    AP, you are in London, so you get screwed a bit here. Hope you’re a night-owl! You can’t register the domain until 12:01 AM CENTRAL time. Or you could just register it when you get up, since almost all the rest of the contestants are from the US, and they’ll probably be sleeping.

    If you would, after registering the domain, send me an email with your domain, and the account info I need (analytics and feedburner).

    Oh, and to answer AP’s other question. Just give me access to your existing Analytics account by adding a user (only allows me to see the site you add me on to), or creating throw-a-way accounts at Feedburner, and Analytics.


  7. G34 Media Says:

    Alright, it makes sense to do it tommorrow, since we cant register the domain till then anyhow.

    Bryan, what is your post tommorrow going to be about? Are you going to list our proposed contest blogs on the post?

    Let me know.

    P.S. Glad you installed the “notify me of follow up comments via email” wp plugin. Coolio!


    Bryan Clark reply on June 30th, 2008:

    I’ll have a post with all of the blogs that have entered the contest. To my understanding, there are only a few of you. Hope everyone makes the deadline.


  8. Missy (from G34 Media) Says:

    Also, i know how to give someone access to my Analytics account, but not Feedburner. How do we do this?


    Bryan Clark reply on June 30th, 2008:

    Just create a new feedburner account for the new blog. Then you can trash it after the competition. This way you can just give me the username and password without worrying about me seeing other sites.


  9. Forest Says:

    Accounts set up…. thinking about a niche / domain!! I have been very busy and originally hoped to have it sussed by now…. oh well.


    Bryan Clark reply on June 30th, 2008:

    Sounds like you are ahead of the game Forest. Good luck my friend


  10. Brett Says:

    I want to participate but I have no money get get another hosting!


    Bryan Clark reply on June 30th, 2008:

    Email me your Paypal ID. I’m going to get you started.


  11. Zedomax Says:

    Sounds interesting…


  12. Jovana Says:

    Wow - thats seriously nice of you Bryan Glad to see I’m not the only confused souls out here, LOL. But these questions have cleared it up for me


  13. Chelsea Says:

    HEY GUYS!!

    Hey is it too late to join this contest!!!

    I will hurry my butt up to catch up!!! Im pretty proficient in setting up a wordpress so I think I could get all that initial stuff done pretty quickly!

    PLEASE let me know ASAP at globalgoods at hotmail dot com if I can still JOIN!!



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