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Site Flipping Experiment - Update

Tue, Aug 5, 2008


All those taking part in our communal site flipping experiment send me an email.  Hope to get started next week!

Also, send me your top 5 niche’s that you’d like to blog about.

bryanclark82 at gmail dot com or use the contact page above!

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  1. Normal Joe Says:

    What is this you’re speaking of?


  2. Bryan Clark Says:


  3. Normal Joe Says:

    Snap…I missed that! Thanks B


  4. Unblock websites Says:

    what r u talking?


  5. Filla Man Says:

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    The latest auctions are posted every 15 munites and each type of auction (site, domain and template) has its own dedicated RSS feed updated at the same time. In addition, there is an archive for each section that goes back seven days. I have added a search feature recently.
    Please get the word out about Web Auctions Daily-


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