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Welcome To August - New Idea For Blog Flipping

Fri, Aug 1, 2008

Blog Flipping

Well, it’s a new month, and I must say that I always feel more creative at the start of a month that I do at the end of one.  With the start of this month comes a new idea, and an opportunity for all of the readers here to make some money, while learning more about flipping blogs.

I’m glad we had such a good time flipping our first blogs last month, but this month it’s on to bigger and better things.  So I propose…

We all team up and flip ONE blog and split the profits.  It sounds a bit crazy I realize, but, it’s less work, and more money for all that are involved.  You know what they say - “Many hands make light work”.

So here is the basic idea.  We pool our resources, buy an aged domain that’s past the sandbox period, and we all team up to produce content on a new blog.  Let’s say that 10 of you decide to take part, and we each post twice a week, that’s 20 new posts a week, or 80 a month.  Far more than most new blogs!  Content is key, as they say, and we’ll definitely have that part of it worked out.  SEO should be pretty easy, lots of content to get indexed, and even more of us to provide/build links.

So, we each write a couple of times per week, and then we stumble and/or digg all of the posts to provide instant traffic.  We sell the blog after set amount of time (which will be agreed upon by all parties), and split the proceeds evenly.  A blog like this could reasonably expect to fetch 3-4k after only 60 days.  If we have 10 people taking part, then that means we each make $300 - $400 for contributing a couple of diggs, a couple of stumbles, and roughly 16 posts (2 a week x 8 weeks).

Of course, this is extremely experimental, and it hasn’t been done before to my knowledge, so it may not be that profitable, but we can all make a bit of money from it.

If you want to take part, sound off in the comment section, and feel free to leave any ideas you may have.  I’m also interested to know what topic you think would be the most profitable.  We can do anything from a news site, to a simple niche blog, but either way it’ll quickly become quite large with our posting frequency.  You guys decide.  Who’s in?

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  1. Creating a passive income online Says:


    This sounds like forming….hell i can’t think of the name…but basically a syndicate of sites where groups band together to build links to each other and share PR…is this the beginning of an idea like that?


    Bryan Clark reply on August 2nd, 2008:



  2. Missy Says:

    Sounds good. As for topics i submit:

    blogging tips
    wordpress themes
    anything green (such as recycled art, recycled products, organic clothing, etc)
    gagdets (such as cell phones, mobile apps, iphone portal, etc)

    By the way, where are the other sale blogs? Did no one else but me and SuiteJ list?


    Bryan Clark reply on August 2nd, 2008:

    I think AP was going to list his Reggae site too.


  3. Dave Says:

    I love the idea. Big markets

    pills, porn, casino

    debt, diet, money

    I realize that ‘ppc’ is not appropriate for most.


  4. Scott Says:

    Count me in.

    This is going to take some organizing skills. We have to be sure that the people that commit to it really follow through. And there has to be an open accounting of the finances; otherwise there will be the inevitable complaining that someone got cheated. I am ready to go, let’s do it!



  5. Girish Says:

    Hey Bryan,

    I’m up for this :), sounds like a killer plan. If we get together a mastermind group, then we’ll be a group where each member is good at his own field and coming together would be awesome.

    Organizing this wouldn’t be too big a problem as long as we have some kind of private forums where we brainstorm and discuss the project phase-by-phase.

    Technology/gadgets would be an excellent niche to get into as it’d be easy to build up a MASSIVE readerbase in two months. (Digg should be the key ;))


    PS: I sent Ryan an e-mail referring this post.


  6. zania Says:

    Well, I was too late to take part the last time around, but this time I’m in… but I echo Scott on this… only if it’s all worked out to everyone’s satisfaction and we are all happy with the terms.

    And yes, we would need a private forum to discuaa all the details and some way of sharing private emails etc as well…

    And you couldn’t use adsense on something like this because of complications..

    I couldn’t do tech stuff though, sorry Girlish. I can learn and write about most stuff, but not tech. I fall asleep…

    Health, diet, ‘how to’, travel, debt, property, car hire, (blogging tips maybe… but there are so many doing it),(celebrity, maybe… but maybe not…),

    Something people really need (or need help with) though is the key.

    Anyone thought of membership sites? Probably 60 days isn’t enough though…

    Sorry, just trying to brainstorm here


  7. Girish Says:

    The name’s Girish

    Debt, property, travel and DIY may be high-paying but tend to get pretty monotonous after a while as most people just aren’t interested.

    Blogging tips would be a good niche but maybe making it a bit broader and expanding into the MMO niche would be better. (Bryan’s an authority already :))


  8. zania Says:

    Looks like I’m out already then..


  9. CoachKip Says:

    I would love to participate and I think that it is a great idea, but I will not participate. We will be moving to Taiwan in August so it is just not a great time.

    I do have suggestions for the rest of you. I would say anything to do with $$$$$ and anything to do with Green and the Environment. If you have a site with a lot of lists, how tos, and bullet points that seemes to be the best way to get quick traffic.

    Good luck to all, I would love to watch the process so keep me in the loop.


  10. Ryan Says:

    Hey Bryan!

    Girish directed me over here, and I’m glad he did! Sounds like great fun!

    I see that there is already some initial disagreement on what niche to do…so I have a couple of suggestions:

    1. You pick the niche, and whoever wants to roll with it, rolls with it.
    2. Take a democratic vote

    I personally like #1 - that way there won’t be any bickering.

    Anyway, I’ll try to hit you up later, great stuff man!


  11. Forest Says:

    I’m in… I can spare all that you ask, I think…. will confirm for sure very soon.

    I am sure some vents and problems could occur relating to who did what (not from me!) and I trust the finances, so don’t need to see em that regular.

    I think the important part is that you have to dictate for the most part. People need to realize that to be involved is a privilege and they will learn a ton, plus make a little cash.

    Obviously I say we go green or money save as people are going nuts about all that right now.


  12. Girish Says:

    Ryan - #1 sounds pretty good but the only problem that could arise is if some people decide to opt out if their niche isn’t chosen (not that we need those kind of people )

    Forest - Valid point there. I see this not as an opportunity to make a quick $400 but more as an opportunity to learn exactly what it takes to establish a successful blog from people who have done it before.

    Anyway, let’s hear what Bryan has to say till we discuss this further.


  13. zania Says:

    I have no intention of opting out as long as the plan works and is well monitored.
    I was very tired when I wrote that short answer (I built 6 new full blogs yesterday, along with backlinking them all, and was bushed…). I didn’t have the energy to write any more.

    But I am in on this. I was just stating up front what I couldn’t work with, so no one calls me out if a niche is chosen which I simply will not be able to help on as much as this project definitely requires.

    Once I’m in and accepted, I’m in and fully committed.

    I have never built a site to flip before, so I am very much waiting for Bryan’s help on this, but I do have some thoughts from my brainstorming of what’s involved:

    (made quickly and very scrappy from my ‘brainstorming’ templates I’m afraid, but it was quicker than wrting even more in this post)

    I would be interested to see anyone’s opinion on this - not on the template mind…


  14. Girish Says:

    Zania - The name’s Girish WITHOUT the “L”. The brainstorming results sure look good.


  15. zania Says:

    Sorry Girish.
    I read too quick at times.
    No offence meant.
    And thanks


  16. Adam Dempsey Says:

    Sounds like a great idea!


  17. Piss Biscuit Says:

    I’m interested as long as there is no Kool-Aid drinking going on around here. Bryan, just shoot me an e-mail with the details!


    AP reply on August 4th, 2008:

    What the hell is wrong with Kool-Aid Mofo??

    Oh and Bryan…I am in for sure! Don’t know if I said that already but I have been a little quiet over here for a few days. Looks like lots has been going on so I am playing catch up here today.

    LOL @ Zania and the ‘girlish’ comment! Girish….do you have a blog at all?


  18. Otooo Says:

    I’m definently in on this - even if the blog fails or something, it’ll be great experience
    Can u please send me more info through my email admin?

    Anyway, I have a few ideas for niches
    - movie reviews
    - sport news (each focus on one sport)
    - the human body

    I don’t mind, it can be anything

    Health is probably most profitable


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