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Don’t Let Them Get Away Stupid

11. June 2008


I had some time to kill on the flight, so I thought I'd get an update in before I started indulging in Rum and seafood and forget that I even own a blog. So, I wanted to point out a quick tip that I use that's a "long haul" strategy, using a short term method.

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Deals And Duds On Sitepoint

9. June 2008


Sitepoint is one of my favorite marketplaces to sell websites. It’s one of the best due to the simple fact that it charges to list websites for sale. This simple step keeps you from having to week through a bunch of junk to find the “gems” of a particular marketplace. However, no [...]

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This Guy Is Off His Rocker!

26. May 2008


I came across a trackback today to Justin Brooke's site Site Flip King. First off, it's not Justin who is off his rocker. Justin made me a member at his paid membership site Site Flip Academy, and he's got a lot of stuff that's pretty valuable within it's members area.

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25 Must Bookmark Tools For The Website Flipper

21. May 2008


To be successful in this game, you must have a good selection of tools to help you do your job. Most of them are free, and any of the paid can be substituted for free ones, but the name of the game is making your life easier.

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