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PB’s Thoughts On Hurricane Gustav, Evacuation, and the Future of New Orleans

Our buddy PB, formerly of The Piss Biscuit just sold his blog and packed up all of his important posessions in an attempt to flee New Orleans, before the devistation of Hurricane Gustav hit.  For those of you that haven’t been following along, Gustav is set to hit the gulf coast late Monday night, or early Tuesday.  I’ve got a video post from out buddy that I’d like to play for all of you here, and I’d encourage you to keep PB and his family in your thoughts or prayers.  It’s downright depressing to think that PB and everyone else from New Orleans just went through this 3 years ago with Katrina, and now will be faced with having to rebuild again, if it’s even possible this time.  It’s sad to think that New Orleans, while not 100% recovered from Katrina, was making great strides in the rebuilding effort.  Now it looks as if that may all be for nothing.

Enjoy the video, and if you noticed, I’ve added random Red Cross banners on the blog.  The Red Cross was the organization that was leading the relief efforts in New Orleans during Katrina, so they’ll most likely be on the front lines of the Gustav effort.  If you can find it in your heart to give, please do so.

PB Formerly Of The Piss Biscuit - Hurricane Gustav from bryan clark on Vimeo.

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  1. Nota Bene Consulting Says:

    Awesome post.

    England’s thinking about you, your family and everyone in New Orleans!


  2. Bryan Clark Says:

    Thanks Neal. Hopefully we can get some help with the weather, and the hurricane won’t be as bad as it seems.


  3. Missy Says:

    Hang tight, PB. My prayers are with you buddy. Peace.



  4. Houston23 Says:

    Hi PB and Bryan Clark,

    Vic posted a video and I got to know what happened to PB. Hey man, I cried too man. Hummm… PB, just wanted to say, you are also in my prayers and god bless you and your family. Its really sad to know about it. I wish you can rebulit your family and your home soon and do keep us updated on your way to rebuilt the things you had lost, I know it’s a hard time for you but I truly believe you will be blessed!

    Also…. hummm…. just wanted to pass on a message to you that… hummm… vic skype is waiting for your call and do give him a call if you can.

    PB, stay strong, your family needs you and …. hummm… I am abit lost of words… hummm… Lastly, I want to say, you are always in my prayers too, stay safe, stay strong and we will be waiting for you, GodSpeed and God Bless You, my friend.



  5. Joshua Molan Says:

    Hang in there man, I lived through a couple of hurricanes in Jamaica, Gilbert being the worst, which completely change my life. My heart goes out to you and your family.


  6. Denise Says:

    PB you are in so many prayers right now as is all who will be or have been affected by the hurricane. Please know that we will all be waiting to hear that you and your family are safe. Many are already on standby to help you and yours get back on your feet.

    Thanks go out to Vic from Blogger Unleashed for notifying us about your situation and to Bryan Clark for helping you to convey your messages. Business is business and we rarely see eye to eye, but we are all humans and we do care about our bothers and sisters.

    As someone who has lost a whole family, I truly know there is nothing that can replace you or your loved ones.

    May God carry you safely through this.


  7. Jaki Says:

    Sorry to hear of your misfortune, I live in Canada and have never dealt with hurricanes but from what I’ve seen on TV, I can only imagine the fear and suffering it causes people. I wish you and everyone else affected all the best. Remember adversity makes us stronger and brings people together, hopefully some good comes out of this. (btw Canada is a great country if you don’t mind the freakin’ cold winter, come on up here bud)


  8. MelB Says:

    PB, you don’t know me and it is not important right now but I come to you via Vic. I will hold you up in my prayers in the coming days that God will watch over you and bless you as you face this challenge. There is always a reason for whatever comes our way and God is always in control no matter what happens. Find peace in that.


  9. Joe Says:

    PB, I came from Vic’s site too. I honestly don’t know what you’re going through. Fortunately for me and my family, I’ve never been through anything like this. But please know that you are in my prayers man. Take care of yourself, safety is always first.


  10. Nick Says:

    PB if you find yourself in need of work, let me know… we’re here to help man. Stay up bro, erie, pa is thinking of you.


  11. Freddie Says:


    I am wishing you all the best. This has got to be one of the toughest things to deal with….and you having to do it twice. Man, I feel for you.

    You seem to be in good spirits. Whenever you are feeling down, remember that it could always be worst and if you don’t continue to move forward it will be.

    Like someone said above, be strong for your family needs you. And we will be praying for you and all of those in the New Orleans area.

    I have to be honest. I haven’t been watching the news or following the storm and didn’t even realize that it was going to be this bad. Well, let’s hope they are wrong and it doesn’t reach the level they expect.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Freddie & Family


    Nick reply on August 31st, 2008:

    Yea, it’s amazing. I called my folks today and mentioned it, and they had no idea a hurricane was about to hit. You’d think this would be huge news right now, but it really hasn’t been until today.


  12. Dapper Fellow Says:


    Stay strong out there! I’m up in the north part of the state today after leaving the Big Easy (Garden District) on Thursday. I don’t really know how this is going to work after our time in this motel runs out. God’s mercy on us concerning the financial cost of living on the run. This is a hard way to go, my friend, but it looks like the big swim is upon us.

    Keep your powder dry.

    Dapper Fellow


  13. Ryan Says:

    Good luck and all the best brother - I made an lolcat just for you. Check it out here:


  14. lissie Says:

    Geeze - I am amazed that people returned to New Orleans after the last disaster - particularly the government failure - and now you are saying that the nearby towns are profiteering on a disaster by overcharging hotel rooms! US really needs to look very hard about how it deals with disasters!

    I guess you are moving out of the hurricane zone after this! If you are making an online income I guess you can go anywhere -


    Ryan reply on August 31st, 2008:

    I’d have to slightly disagree with you on that - the “US” doesn’t dictate the cost of hotel rooms, the greedy, profiteering hotel owners do. Nothing to do with the feds.


    Nick reply on August 31st, 2008:

    yea, it’s bullshit. It’s amazing how a hotel room will be 79 bucks a night, and then suddenly when there is an event it goes up to 200 a night. I’m all for charging the shit out of people visiting town during Super Bowl week or something, but not when there is a disaster.


  15. costa Says:

    Hi PB,
    Came via Vic’s post. really do not know what to say except, be strong, man. Vic has promised to help should you need any and he is a man of his words. So when this thing settles, do drop him a line.
    God bless and take care, man.


  16. Nick Says:

    god damn, their saying the levies aren’t even finished yet and they expect NO to go under five feet of water at least…. Some of these people just finished up rebuilding their homes, others just started… People are just getting over losing one of their loved ones.


    Nick reply on August 31st, 2008:

    getting over is the wrong word, you never get over that. But something like this brings you right back to that.


  17. Suite J Says:

    It’s good to see the turn out of support and the awesome post from Vic as well.

    Thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes being sent your way from Vancouver! Stay strong, and be safe!



  18. Keith Says:

    Best of luck man! Things will work out for you!


  19. JonhTighe Says:

    Hi PB,

    I just came over from Vics site and the truth is I don’t know what to say except that I am praying for you, your family, and every other person in the path of this thing.

    I live just outside London on what would be the flood plane of the river Thames. All I have been doing is imagining what a 30ft wave coming up the Thames would do to London and my family……

    I hope and pray that everyone gets out safe.

    God bless



  20. Joe Says:


    My prayers are with you and your family. I hope things don’t go as badly as predicted. Weatherman are often wrong and I hope they are very wrong in this case. Good luck!



  21. BarryO Says:

    Somehow I thought PB was in Aus! I`m going through the typhoon season myself here, gets windy, buy not really the flooding on the scale of Orleans.
    If the worst comes, I have the feeling PB will be one of the first to pick himself back up.
    GL mate.


  22. zania Says:

    Hi PB,
    I hope as I write this that you and your family have got the hell out and are somewhere safe.
    Thinking of you and your family and everyone else caught in the path of the hurricane and its consequences.
    Take care won’t you



  23. Ryan Says:

    Man, hitting as a category 2 - I think the media and local government really hyped this up a little too much! This is not by any stretch of the imagination a “storm of the century” like Mayor Nagin said it was. That was obviously a scare tactic to get people to evacuate.

    From what I’ve heard by talking to other NOLA residents, category 1’s and 2’s are party hurricanes - meaning people generally don’t leave, and party in the streets when they hit.

    I’m sure PB will be alright, and it probably won’t be long before he can return to his home. Good luck dude!


  24. Simonne Says:

    Hi PB,

    I hope you are safe by now. I’ll be mentioning you in my prayers, and I look forward to hear from you again on your new blog. I’ve never read your old one, as I’ve just heard about you, but I’m sure you’ll have a lot to write as a hurricane survivor.

    Just be strong. I wish you good luck!


  25. RandomMe Says:

    Man New Orleans wasn’t even finished rebuilding…so yeah this sucks. I was just there in July for a funeral…seeing some of the building and homes was depressing.
    Stay safe!


  26. PB Says:

    Hi guys. I’m on my cell so this will be short. I’ve got two feet of water according to my cousin who is a NOPD officer. Bad, but not as bad as Katrina. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts they mean the world to me. Have tons to say, but it has to wait for now.


    I’ve got so much to say, most of which entails me letting you and your readers know how much your words mean to my family and I. I’ve spoken to Bryan and been filled in on quite a bit, but would love to talk to you. I’ve updated Skype on my cell, username “Piss Biscuit”… and I’ve sent you an e-mail as well. Look forward to making sense of all this, and building a more valuable and human relationship. Please get in touch, I couldn’t find your Skype.

    @ All: I’m in Atlanta, GA and planning on heading home on Thursday unless we’re not permitted. God Bless all of you and thank you fo all of you thoughts and prayers. - PB


  27. zania Says:

    Glad you and your family are ok PB.
    Two feet of water isn’t good, but at least you are all safe.
    And I really hope you and Vic can sort things out.
    Take care



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