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Pre-owned Gold At Freshdrop.Net

Sun, Sep 14, 2008

Blog Flipping

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately, hence the lack of posting.  I’m still not feeling great, but I didn’t want to go this many days without posting something.  I’m not here to give you a long article about why you should do this, or the best place to do that, but I do want to share one of my favorite resources with you.


At Fresh Drop, you can browse 100’s or even 1,000’s of domains by extension, length, age, or even pagerank.

To tie in with Neal’s great guest post about how wonderful pre-owned & expired domains can be to add to your portfolio, or even to use as a flipper, I wanted to point you to my favorite place to find pre-owned domains.

Anybody else want to share some of their favorite places to find pre-owned domains?

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7 Comments For This Post

  1. jeff carter Says:

    Used premiumdrops dot com before it went to a paid model.
    Heard estibot is quite good. There is also odditysoftware dot com.


  2. Normal Joe Says:

    Cool dude! Thanks for sharing some of the goodness.


  3. Ryan Says:

    Awesome site Bryan - I’m glad you told me about this, there are some AWESOME finds on there. Seriously, I could burn every bit of 3-4 hours poking around and looking for deals.


  4. Freddie Says:

    Sweet, B, thanks!

    I am going to check this out for the next round of sites that I build to sell. I am working on selling some domain names that I own, but are about to expire. Got one in the works for real estate that I am pretty excited about, but got to figure something out before it can happen.

    I will be on the Flipping show this friday in hopes of getting a nugget or two from you to make this one happen.



  5. Forest Says:

    Thanks Bryan, I was looking for a site like this that showed PR…. many of them show the PR as possibly fake, not sure exactly what that means!!

    Anyway it seems like a great resource.

    I hope you get better soon


  6. Missy Says:

    I found on there. Pretty sweet find. It showed the domain as PR2, but when i go to Google and search it. It doesn’t show up. Weird.

    Still a cool resource. Thanxs Bryan.


  7. papia Says:

    very helpful site. needs a few improvements though. just got an 8-year old domain with PR5. another similar site is


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