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Mon, Aug 18, 2008

Blog Flipping

I have to say that one of my favorite new finds in the blog community is IMwithJoe.Com - dude is hilarious, and he has a totally new take on internet marketing.  Add that to the fact that he is 100% transparent with his readers, and you’ll see why I can’t get enough.  After reading through one of his posts the other day, I spotted a link to an article titled - “Make Money Online By Flipping Blogs For Profit”.  I have to admit, my first thought was oh great, another guy that made $90 flipping a turnkey site and now he’s an “expert”.  But the article wasn’t what I thought it was.  It was well written, and quite informative to someone who wouldn’t know what site flipping was really all about.  But there were several pieces of mis-information and I’m going to stand up and bring on a challenge.

The guy that wrote the post is a good blogger, but he obviously doesn’t know much about flipping websites. This isn’t a problem, because he refrained from any talk about him being a pro in the blog flipping world, and instead reported on the facts (as he knew them) of flipping websites.  Here is the part that I ran into that I can seriously question, and that I offer up as a challenge.

Obviously the guy has received some bad information, or he just didn’t bother doing his homework.  One day old sites get sold for more than $20 EVERY SINGLE DAY.  So, knowing this, I decided to offer up a friendly challenge.

Now, I’m not a gambler by any means.  But a friendly challenge could definitely shed some light on this blog post.  There has to be something at stake, but being that I’m not much of a gambler, I’d be willing to bet a guest post, and a 3 month 125×125 ad if he’d be willing to do the same.  What’s there to lose?

Got tell him what you think.  If he accepts the challenge, it could be pretty interesting.

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  1. theaffiliatepost Says:

    WOO HOO…..a challenge! I love a challenge Will be interesting to follow this one. 5 one day old domains for $1k……..get yer flip on Mr Clark!

    I have to agree with you that imwithjoe is awesome! well worth reading if you do not already!


  2. Adam Dempsey Says:

    Looking forward to following the progress of this!


  3. The Net Fool Says:

    “The guy that wrote the post is a good blogger, but he obviously doesn’t know much about flipping websites.”

    Hmm… nice accusation. I don’t think you understand that when you say “lots of blogs get sold for more than $20 every day” these are blogs that are made one a day, with a lot of time involved. Getting $100? Really hard. Five in one day? Downright impossible.

    Challenge on. Blog post the stakes… accept?


  4. Bryan Clark Says:

    Of course I accept. I made the challenge. I’ll get the terms together tomorrow, and we’ll kick this thing off.


  5. Scott Says:

    This should be fun to watch!


  6. Missy Says:

    For what it’s worth, i see people doing it on SP all the time. If you spend some time on SP, you will see this. It is possible.

    Go Bryan!


    Bryan Clark reply on August 18th, 2008:

    Thanks Missy!


  7. Piss Biscuit Says:

    WOW… what a challenge! I like it. It’s not man vs man… it’s opinion vs. determination. I’ll be taking side bets at The Piss Biscuit if anyone is interested! Bryan… my money is on you… and if you win… I’ll be putting up 5 new sites a day for the next month! LOL.


    Bryan Clark reply on August 18th, 2008:

    Thanks PB. But my idea of a good time isn’t spending 24 hours semi-developing 5 sites. That’s gonna suck. But, I can always take a few days off afterwards I suppose.


  8. Bloggerista Says:

    Shoot, just show me how to make $100 a day from 1-day old websites. Then, I’m going to make my wife learn a whole new skill set whether she wants to or not.



  9. Missy Says:

    When does the challenge start? I have front row seats, or atleast i think i do.

    WhEn? wHen?

    Bryan: Will you be flipping at SP, or elsewhere?


  10. Normal Joe Says:

    Thanks for the love B! And this will be a fun contest to watch. Jim is a pretty smart dude…and I love his site, as I love this one.

    So, I will be watching closely to see what you are able to do. I’m like PB, you pull this off and I’ll turn into a blog flipper…shoot, you show me how to make between $80-$100 for a new blog and you have yourself a student…well…I’m already a student I guess…but, I’ll take action!

    I’ve never flipped a blog before hahaha.


  11. Otooo Says:

    Ooh, this is exciting - I would love to know how u pull it off if u do manage to pull it off
    Good luck


  12. jbsjp Says:


    I just came across your site today, I’m very impressed with your blog!. I wish I could have taken part in your blog flip challenge, maybe next time!.

    I’ve been reading many a sites on “making money online” and “flipping websites” and I think your blog is by far, the most informative!.

    Good luck with the challenge, I’m confident that you’ll do well!.



    Bryan Clark reply on August 27th, 2008:

    Thanks buddy.


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