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7 Easy Social Bookmarking Tips That’ll Get You Traffic Now

7. July 2008


Well we've got some content, we've got a theme, and now we should be ready to promote. Promoting these things tends to be the one thing that scares people silly. Some think it's impossible to get a blog to 1k-2k daily uniques in under a month.

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Initial Impressions - Contestants Blogs

6. July 2008


Everything here is for your own good, and you aren't being timed. Remember, the prizes for the winner of the contest are just a bonus. The important part is that you learn how to do this, and that you become motivated to do it well, and FAST!

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Blog Flipping Contest - The Early Days

3. July 2008


I'm afraid the first few days of building a new blog are completely un-eventful. It's a lot of the same crap that everyone hates doing, which is why people spend money on these things in the first place. So if you need a quick checklist of where you should be at this point... look no further!

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Meet The Contestants

2. July 2008


I’m actually disappointed with the turnout here.  But I should have figured that it wouldn’t have a huge participation rate due to the difficulty some people have “taking action”.  For those of you that did decide to take the plunge, I applaud you.  I don’t have every contestant on here, because i haven’t heard back [...]

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