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Sat, Oct 4, 2008


Hello to everyone and happy Saturday.  I wanted to share some tidbits with you right here before I took the rest of the day off.

First of all, Blog Flipping Blueprint has increased it’s admission price to $147, as promised.  From here on out, $97 is history, and the current fee will be the only way in… except for promotions, etc. should I decide to run them.

Secondly, I’ve received quite a few emails about our blog flipping contest.  A few of the teams are having problems with their members, only a couple of you ever got back to me when I asked for your contest blog URL, and I’ve received almost no response when I’ve made inquiries.  So, that said, on Monday I’ll be refunding everyones entry fee and you can sell your contest blog on your own terms.  This contest was supposed to be a learning experience, and we were supposed to share our URL’s so that others could watch our progress.  I’ve received little to no effort, and it feels like I’m baby sitting rather than overseeing this contest.  So, that said, the contest is officially over, with no winner.  Sell your blogs, make some profit, and if you enter one of my contests in the future… try to be a bit more accomodating so that it’s easier to track and update.

Make sure you email your team captain, or whoever made the payment.  If you all pitched in, you’ll have a refund coming from them.

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  1. Mark Cuda Says:

    Bryan, good idea. Some people just weren’t too fair about it all, and I think that the whole teams idea was a bad idea. Glad you sorted it all out.


    Girish reply on October 4th, 2008:

    Mark, why the hell do you bitch so much? You were lazy as hell and you still expected to be part of our team. Right from the beginning, you have done ZERO-WORK.

    When you were expelled the first time, you pleaded and made a dozen empty promises. We let you back because we thought that you would change.

    Result? You slacked again. This time, you blame it on the circumstances.

    Then you actually accuse us of not being fair on you? So, you actually expect us to work our ass off and still split equally with you? It’s no longer a question of the money but rather your mentality towards the whole thing.


    Green Experience reply on October 5th, 2008:

    Don’t wanna get in the middle of you two, but do you mind divulging the source of the designer who created your header on listlunatic… i definitely want to buy from him/her.


    Nota Bene Consulting reply on October 5th, 2008:

    I’m quite sure that was Forest at - I have bought many a header/logo from him!

    Girish reply on October 6th, 2008:

    Yeah, Forest designed our header and he did an amazing job at that!

    Mark Cuda reply on October 7th, 2008:

    That’s so unbelievably rude. I was not talking about you in the “unfair” comment, I was speaking in generalities of what happens with team things. Besides, I wrote 4 posts, not my fault some weren’t “good” enough for you. And I’m not B****ing either, so just cool your jets man.


  2. Green Experience Says:

    Well, everyone knows Green Experience (The A-team) would have won…. $2500 backlinks … PR3 … Plenty of quality articles… $100 earnings…. oh it woulda been a slaughter.


  3. Sly from SlyVisions dot Com Says:

    Bryan, Bryan, Bryan.

    To be honest with you, I think MY team was the one that actually put the best effort into this. The whole time, we thought this whole contest was still going on with everyone else putting as much effort on their site as we are. Then you leave us with a spontaneous post telling us that you have ended it.

    What you should have done, Bryan, is post updates more frequently about the contest. I know you’re busy with everything now that you have BFB out, but it just makes sense to tell us beforehand that you are thinking of ending the contest because some people/teams are not active. That’s all I have to say.


    Mark Cuda reply on October 4th, 2008:

    I think it was up to Bryan to do what he felt he should. It’s not his fault things didn’t work out. And come on Sly, he’s already got a ton on his plate, what with BFB out, and he’s doing it all for US, not for him. So cut him some slack.


    Sly from SlyVisions dot Com reply on October 4th, 2008:

    Yes, I understand totally. All I’m saying is that this didn’t have to happen this way. We were all caught by surprise.


    Mark Cuda reply on October 4th, 2008:

    That I DO agree with you on.

  4. Freddie Says:

    Well, me and my team slacked off. We just got busy building our businesses. That is cool, it will happen in due time. I am just glad that the BFB is up and running, so we can all make some money. That is the purpose anyway!


  5. Bryan Clark Says:

    Yeah, this definitely isn’t something I WANTED to do, but it seemed unavoidable. It got to be a cluttered mess, and I really have other things I need to be doing, rather than keeping track of this, since I’m not getting any assistance from (most of) the captains like we agreed upon.

    Remember, I don’t really stand to gain anything from this, it was all for you. So, it’s not like I wanted to end it, I just don’t have time to babysit.


  6. Paul Says:

    Fortunately for me at least, I have learnt alot from the guys at So at least one person has benefitted from this


  7. EastCoastAirsoft Says:

    I am sure my team, the A-Team, would have won as well, because of the statistics that Green Experience mentioned. I think we can all agree to agree that was the best! But honestly, I checked out the other blogs, and I did enjoy browsing them.

    I worked on this blog every day! I thought the other teams were working hard and it was going to be close, but I didn’t realize how disorganized everyone else was. I mean, that’s what it sounds like.

    In conclusion, I don’t think it is that bad the contest ended, because now we have more flexibility in selling the blog. It would have been nice to have some warning, but what can ya do. This experience was great, and still is being great, so thank you Bryan, because none of this would have happened without you.


  8. Girish Says:

    Bryan, thanks for taking the effort and time to actually organize this thing, it’s certainly not your fault for prematurely ending it.

    If I were you, even I’d be pretty frustrated seeing the way things were going. (non co-operation etc. etc.)

    Leading my team was a great experience. I had a great team comprising Sean, Forest and Jay. The 4 of us worked whenever we could and our blog ( looks pretty good at the moment, IMHO. We’ll probably be selling it in a week’s time as scheduled. Props to Bryan as this extra money from the sale price would never have come if it hadn’t been for him.


  9. Normal Joe Says:

    I really wish I could have put forth more effort in this, but it just wasn’t happening for me lol. I do feel I let my team down, but we had folks going in so many directions with so many things going on…it’s not an excuse…but these things happen.

    Congrats to those that were able to pull together, that’s a really phenomenal task. I hope to get into one in the future….probably not with so many people on a team, because it was just too difficult to corral 5 grown folks man, lol we each had so many different things going on.

    Congrats on the blueprint though!


  10. Jason Says:

    Like Joe said, we entered thinking we’d dominate… but people had stuff to do and it never came through. No worries, hopefully people learned a bit from this. There will be other contests, right?


  11. Jay Says:

    For the record, we know our team was going to win anyways



  12. Nota Bene Consulting Says:

    It’s a sad day, but thanks Bryan! It sounds like a lot of people have gained something from this anyway. I was wondering what was going on with this myself and perhaps it might even have sorted those that can from those who can’t. Count me in on the next one…but might I suggest teams of two!!!



    Green Experience reply on October 5th, 2008:

    Teams of two would suck… i wouldnt know if i’d want justin, paul, or ryan on my team…… thatd be a way hard choice.


    Nota Bene - Blog Flipping Blueprint Promotions Team reply on October 6th, 2008:

    While it also remove that blame game that seems to have been going on. Who did, or did not, do what etc. I’m not against larger teams at all, I just think it might be easier to manage and that way we can at least see the competition through to completion.

    P.S - Well done to you and your team. The green experience looks great. Let us know when you list it for sale if you don’t mind!


    Girish reply on October 6th, 2008:

    Green Experience looks amazing! Hopefully, you get a grand or more for it.

    Just wondering, did any of you ever hit the frontpage of any social bookmarkign site?

    Green Experience reply on October 7th, 2008:

    Reply to Girish:
    The biggest spike we got was about 1000+ visitors one day….. on stumble….

  13. Justin Says:



  14. Desmond Owens Says:

    That sucks….I wish i could have got on a team. Today was the first time i head about the contest….danggit. Well maybe next time. You live, you learn, you adapt



  15. Dennis Mclaughlin Says:



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