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Ready, Set, Go - Blog Flipping Blueprint Open

Wed, Oct 1, 2008


Open?  Are all of you scratching your head?  Yeah, I know I’ve led on that The Blog Flipping Blueprint was going to be a product, but it’s in fact a membership site.  A ONE-TIME PAYMENT membership site.  No more worrying about ridiculous recurring charges every month.  Take your time and learn as you go.

Now remember, this is a membership site so the content will grow with time.  That’s not to say that we don’t have great content to launch.  How great is it?  Let’s see what’s inside….

  • At least 3 methods that you can use to make $100 a day flipping sites, starting now!
  • Over 60 PLR Products yours for free to giveaway, sell, or use as bonuses to attract buyers to your sites. (PLR Packs 1-5) and I have another 60 to upload in the coming days!
  • Over a dozen pre-build clone scripts that build cloned versions of popular websites like You Tube and Myspace, plus many more!
  • 85 Turnkey sites that you can upload to your server and sell immediately!  More to come…
  • My top secret outsourcing companies revealed. Get posts for $2 a piece or less!  Great quality!
  • Cheap graphic design.  I have teamed with a great designer to offer you CHEAP design work, I mean real cheap!
  • Over 20 lessons available as of the launch!  Plenty to get you started.
  • A great forum and community.  You need a strong support group to succeed, that’s what all of us are here for!
  • Ask a question, get a video response.  I’ll use over-the-shoulder video to answer any questions you may have, so that you can watch me as I do it!

I could go on forever, but if you haven’t got the idea by now, you never will.  Get in today while it’s at the discounted price of $97.  October 3rd, we’re raising the prices to $147.

Sign up by clicking the banner below.  What are you waiting for, you know you want it!

I didn’t forget about affiliates either.  If you want to make 30% of every sale, plus have the chance to win some great prizes, sign up for my affiliate program.  Remember, anyone that has 10 sales during month one, gets an iPod touch on top of their commission!

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18 Comments For This Post

  1. Normal Joe Says:

    Yeah boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..cats better jump on this man!


    Nota Bene - Blog Flipping Blueprint Promotions Team reply on October 1st, 2008:

    I’m all over it Joe


  2. Ralph Says:

    Wow, you so sold me. That sounds so great. I’d buy a membership right this second if my paypal account wasn’t acting up. Man I am so pissed…
    Wanna reserve me a $97 package if I don’t get my account up and running before Oct 3rd ?


    Bryan Clark reply on October 1st, 2008:

    Sorry Ralph. I’m not going to be able to reserve that price. It’s a one-time only offer! Remember, comparable products are going for $799 a month, and another is going for $599 one-time.

    You’ll be amazed at what this site can do for you!


    Ralph reply on October 1st, 2008:

    Ah that’s alright, I didn’t expect a “yes” anyway I’ll still probably end up buying membership.


  3. Justin Says:

    I already have my marketing page up and ready to go on Squidoo. Please click on my name to check it out and give me some feedback. I wouldn’t mind some comments either on the page. Thanks…

    I’m really excited about the product Bryan especially all the free stuff that comes with it designed to make me money. Turnkeys PLR. Awesome!!! Thanks Bryan


  4. Desmond - Says:

    Going to sign up right after this. sounds great


  5. Desmond - Says:

    one quick question : does this only focus on blog flipping or both blog flipping and site flipping?


    Bryan Clark reply on October 1st, 2008:

    It covers site flipping, blog flipping, it’ll get into domains a bit later, and lots of other stuff like how to build membership sites, etc.


  6. Normal Joe Says:

    U sum bees better check out my bonus….

    sorry B!!!! I had to do it!



  7. Forest Says:

    Wrote a nice little post about it My readers never buy from me though…. I swear they wipe off my affiliate links :)…. anyway I am really looking forward to using this…


  8. Forest Says:

    ooops should have said…. I wrote the post on


  9. SuiteJ Says:

    Congrats man. I really like the sales letter. You should do great!



  10. Freddie Says:

    Good stuff, Clark!
    Just picked it up and getting into this week. See you on the forums!


    Freddie reply on October 1st, 2008:

    Oh yeah, just became an affiliate also. Got a real plan for my personal blog and this is one of the affiliate products I want to recommend using.


  11. Desmond - Says:

    Buy the blogflipping blueprint on my blog and stand a chance to win free money-making blogs!

    Sorry Bryan. I am really excited about this. Just paid $97 for the blueprint.


    Bryan Clark reply on October 2nd, 2008:

    Alright guys, my blog isn’t a tool for your to market your affiliate link. There are much better sources of promotion! Most of the people from this site that are going to buy, already have


    Desmond - reply on October 3rd, 2008:

    I know Bryan. But iPod touch and 30% affiliate commission is totally awesome!


  12. Swastik Says:

    Hey Clark,

    I’ve been waiting for this. Posted about this on my forum as well.


  13. Greg Says:

    Hi Bryan,

    I signed up, but I don’t know how to “get in”. After the transaction completed, I was forwarded to a “Nothing found for…” page on the BFP website. I am emailing you my receipt number separately. I found a place to login on the website, but I don’t have a username or password.

    I am only mentioning this in the comments here in case I have overlooked something else that I am supposed to do and your reply would benefit someone else who misses it too.

    I look forward to being your top affiliate!



  14. Bryan Clark Says:


    I’ve emailed you back. A couple of people have had this problem, it’s because after you make the payment, you are clicking away from the screen before it redirects you back to the login page.

    I sent you an email, and we’ll get it remedied for you.


  15. Scott Says:

    Hi Bryan

    I just paid for your system and it redirected me but all I received was a paypal receipt to my email.

    Do I need to wait for an email from you/your site? In regards to signing up to the forum etc if I click “click here to register” it takes me to the sales page. Any ideas?




    Greg reply on October 3rd, 2008:

    This sounds like what happened to me Bryan. I really don’t think I clicked on anything before arriving at that page, but it is certainly possible.

    Scott and anyone else who experiences this glitch, please don’t have any concerns, Bryan fixed it up for me right away. Just let him know.


  16. Scott Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Yeah, I wrote Bryan an email and he sorted it out very quickly. Sorry, I probably should have updated this fact here.



  17. Goldie Says:

    Damn! I missed the $97 offer, oh well you twisted my arm anyway!


  18. caesura Says:

    Help!! Can anyone give me a link to Lesson 1? All I can see is a WordPress blog with a few links (including this one, people chatting, no lessons?), and lots of WordPress news.

    Very confused,



    Bryan Clark reply on October 22nd, 2008:

    Andy, lessons are in the “blueprints” area, and they are being unveiled at a rate of one new blueprint per week so far. To your success!


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