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Meet The Contestants

Wed, Jul 2, 2008


I’m actually disappointed with the turnout here.  But I should have figured that it wouldn’t have a huge participation rate due to the difficulty some people have “taking action”.  For those of you that did decide to take the plunge, I applaud you.  I don’t have every contestant on here, because i haven’t heard back from some of you.  But the one’s that are confirmed are…

There are several more, but I don’t have confirmations from them.  I’ll add them as they come in.  Good luck to all of you!

I haven’t posted anything helpful yet, because I want to make sure that I have the contestants in order, and besides, most of you are just tweaking your themes and producing beginning content at this point.  I’ll give it until Friday, and then we’ll start with the good stuff!

Remember, it’s not too late to join, you’ll just be a couple of days behind!

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  1. Forest Says:

    Oh Brian,

    I emailed you already…. guess my email got lost. Anyway my domain is



  2. Missy (from Bloggers Search) Says:

    My blog is still propogating. Atleast i think it is, when you go to newly minted wp-admin dashboard, i get a 404 error, page not found.

    So i will give it one more day, to get it started. Yikes! Im soooooo behind.

    Sorry, BlogFluff, i believe i rec’d a comment or pingback from you a few days ago, and did not know it was you. I tought it was spam, my bad. Try it again.



  3. theaffiliatepost Says:

    Wow..what a creative bunch are we?! I am Reggae Artists BTW

    @ All: I will have a good look at these sites today (don’t you dare delete my comments!) but to echo Bryan.. Well done everyone for getting involved. Lets all go make some money!

    @ Missy: Just holla if you need a hand. As much as I am in it to win it, I am also here to learn and to help others learn.

    @ Forest: Great name buddy!

    @ Bryan: Come on…get with the program. I waited already for the competition to begin and now I have to wait till friday for the ‘good stuff’? Stop dreaming of sunny beaches and teach us something!

    *The ‘I am not an asshole Disclaimer’* I just re-read what I wrote and for the record my comment to Bryan is tongue in cheek. I was up late trying to get my site to function properly (never used this theme before)and now I am at work and somewhat cranky!


  4. Coach Kip Says:

    Sorry I have had some problems with propegating my site again. Not sure why the host seems to disagree with me. I am sending you an email with the preliminary information and will have everything ready to go by the end of the day.

    I am a little behind but will be caught up soon.

    To the rest I will gladly participate in your sites too. TheAffilliatePost has it right. Lets compete but work together to make everyone more successful.


  5. Jovana Says:

    Mines ^_^ I haven’t gotten it up yet and the other contestants are making me look bad mauauhauahuah, I will come back, yes I will!


  6. Forest Says:

    Woo hoo, my first backlink!

    Cheers Affiliate Post. I am a little dubious about my name as Zeitgeist isn’t a word that many seem to understand (well people I have asked anyway!!) so may be hard to remember.

    Anyhows, I like it and if it goes well I may be reluctant to sell

    I am not in it to win. I just want to learn and get this thing working well but I echo the offer for help. Just zing me and email on if you need anything.


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