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Site Flipping Weekly Show - Postponed!

Thu, Oct 2, 2008


Sorry guys, as most of you know I just launched a product, and I’m responsible for promoting it.  I am going to be a featured guest on a teleseminar tonight, so unfortunately this is probably going to overlap the start time of my Site Flipping Weekly show, but I already gave my commitment so I have to be there.  Instead of pushing the show back and making you all stay up past your bed times, we’re going to do it tomorrow at 9pm EST. Hope to see everyone there, and make sure to bring some good questions!  Sorry for any inconvenience, but to make up for it I promise to give you a great tip on the show that will make you some quick cash.  Easy money, that’s worth a days wait right?

Everyone enjoy their night, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Freddie Says:

    Oh man, B, I was looking forward to catching my first show. Oh well, I have the Blog Flipping Blueprint, so I look forward to seeing your videos and presentations inside that membership site.

    It’s going down!


  2. Normal Joe Says:

    U sum bee! I made time for you today and you dip out! lol…I’m playin wit cha. Have fun.


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