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How To Get High Quality Backlinks

Fri, May 30, 2008


As promised, I want to show you the way to get some real high quality backlinks for your main blog, or for you blogs that you plan to flip. When flipping blogs, one of the factors of valuation for the buyer is how many backlinks your blog has, and it’s pagerank. The good news is that you can kill two birds with one stone by building links, since number, and quality of backlinks is what determines your pagerank.

There are two ways to generate a high pagerank, and organic traffic. You can go the quality, or quantity route. If you go for quantity you’ll generally need a lot more links to see any pagerank or organic traffic increases. However, I’ve bought sites with a pagerank 4, that had just 8 or 10 incoming links… because they were quality links! The best method is to just get out there and build links… high pagerank, low pagerank, no pagerank… you want them all. But here is a bit of a secret for you - some links are even more trusted than a site with a high pagerank.

The links I’m talking about come from sites ending in .edu - these sites are generally reserved for educational institutions, but it’s not impossible to get them to link to you. You’ll get a lot more “no’s” than “yes’s”, but it’s worth a try.

Here’s what you do. You want to go to Google, and type in this search string. It’d probably be better if you just copy/pasted it actually. The minus signs signify that Google shouldn’t show sites that have these variables, in this case we don’t want blogs with closed comment fields, or blogs that say you must be logged in. Other than that… we want them all. inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “your topic” [finds edu domains]
inurl:blog [ find blogs]
“post a comment” [makes sure we can post to this blogs]
-”comments closed” [does not show these closed blogs]
-”you must be logged in” [does not show blogs where u need to log in]

Another method is to BUY .edu backlinks. I see them for sale on digitalpoint from time to time, and they are generally pretty expensive. But, it’s worth it for high ranking sites!

Got a friend in college? You in college? Well, sometimes the school allows you a free webpage on their server, or some even have social applications within their school (think a local facebook)… use them!

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  1. groovy myspace layouts Says:

    I have read about the .edu extension being hot. Like you said, these are hard to get linked from, but buying or asking a college bud are two good options.

    Another option is to write a good solid post, and send it in to school contacts, and see if they naturally link to it. If so, big score!


  2. Bryan Clark Says:

    Missy is correct as usual! Glad to see G34 growing


  3. Nick Says:

    I got an .edu domain… anyone wanna pay for links


  4. the affiliate post Says:

    Another little gem! Cheers Bryan. I am putting this into practice right this second.

    @ Nick………HOW MUCH?


  5. Piss Biscuit Says:

    @ Nick……. Yeh, how much? LOL! I think we’re both rather serious too.


  6. Paul | Says:

    Hey Bryan

    Thanks for the tip. Your blog has been the inspiration behind my latest blog. I intend to build it up with quality content, backlinks and traffic… and then to sell it after about 12 months

    I admit it’s harder work than just buying an established blog and then selling it. The topic is fairly broad (i.e. the “make money” field), but I did that because, if I CAN successfully establish it, then it gives more scope for buyers. (As you pointed out, keywords in that field can cost a LOT!)

    Incidentally, I just wrote a post on someone who used site flipping with a twist, to earn $25,000 in 2 months… I think that would make a good subject for a post here as well (and perhaps a nod back if you were kind enough )

    Thanks again for the great blog.


    Paul Hancox


  7. Forest Says:

    I have never tried to seek out links in this way, I have a nutrition site and a site about animals that could both possibly squeeze some edu links out, I guess…. I’ll jump on it very soon and let you know how my luck is.


  8. Bryan Clark Says:

    Thanks Paul.

    Forest - Great. Maybe we can turn it into a case study


  9. Jordan Says:

    Thank you for the tip. What I have been doing with similar searches is after the “post comment” portion I add a date June 2008. That way I get recent posts and some traffic when I comment.

    I have also included a topic: I have a blog that caters to Myspace so my search would be - - inurl:blog “post a comment” Myspace June 2008.

    Thought I would share that. You have a great site with great info. Already subscribed.


  10. Bryan Clark Says:

    Excuse me while I laugh at the irony of you calling me a gutless worm, when you don’t even have the courage to post a link.

    However, that aside, I never encouraged spamming .edu blogs. People comment on blogs daily as a way to start conversation, obtain backlinks, and build a bit of traffic in the process. I guess you missed the part where it said “One of the factors”, or perhaps you interpreted that to be “The only factor”. And retarded comment aside, PageRank is a pretty big factor when selling a website. Why else are worthless PageRank 5-6 directories selling for thousands with no revenue?

    Go troll someone else’s comments.


  11. justin Says:

    I am not going to be stupid enough to post my link when I’m here telling you you’re a dope. Yeah page rank is more important than search traffic and revenue…as long as you see a little green bar that’s all that matters. I heard about you. You sold that blog for ten grand to a newbie. I try to surf the web for some creative techniques and all I can find in the damn niche are stories about you selling that damn blog and that you are a scammer.

    I didn’t realize you were selling directories bud. Go ahead and start spamming dot edu and see what happens. A real IM builds his own dot edu farm. We don’t ‘rent a dot edu farm’ we create them and specialize the juice.

    I have never seen anyone’s name dragged through the mud like yours on the internet. I thought that loud asshole Vic whatever his name is was just full of shit himself, trying to drum up some traffic or whatever. I’m going to have to go back and apologize to him for telling him to quit ranting about you. You can delete my fucking comment because it’s only for you to read.

    Everyone knows you are a joke man…I might start a blog featuring scammers…you could be the first one. Then you can troll my blog..



    Bryan Clark reply on June 15th, 2008:

    Justin (I know who you are, but I’ll let you remain anonymous here and at OMG, where you like to use a multitude of fake names),

    Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I appreciate your enthusiasm. Your comment is flawed on a few levels. First of all, selling a blog for 10k doesn’t make you a scammer, and last time I checked, the new owner is happy with the purchase.

    Also, I’ve never claimed to be an SEO, so telling me that I’m not a “real SEO” doesn’t really mean much. And show me in the article where it says that PageRank matters more than search traffic and revenue, because I think you’re putting words in my mouth on that one. In fact, here is a quote from the article.

    When flipping blogs, ONE of the factors of valuation for the buyer is how many backlinks your blog has, and it’s pagerank.

    And onto my name being dragged through the mud. For one, I know who you are, so don’t act like you just “heard of me”, you know damn well who I am. And since I’m not going to share who you really are don’t act like you aren’t on Vic’s blog everyday anyway, you know just as well as I do the only person that calls me a scammer for selling that blog is Vic and his buddies, and that comes out of complete ignorance, as he’ll do anything to try to generate buzz, even if he’s wrong. As long as the buyer remains happy with the purchase (which he is), the whole point is moot to me. He’s even had offers to buy the blog since then, which he’s turned down.

    And, I’m not going to delete your comment. You have the right to say whatever you’d like here, I’ve got the balls to let someone disagree with me without deleting their comments unlike your hero, Vic. However, if you want to keep playing the anonymous game, that’s not going to happen.


  12. theaffiliatepost Says:

    Not stupid enough to post a link but stupid enough to say dumb shit like that?? The amount of ignorant people leaving comments like that will never cease to amaze me.

    I like you even more for the fact that you do not rise to such retarded, jealous and cowardly comments.

    Please let me know who this wanker is!!!! He is definitely short of a few educational links himself.


    Bryan Clark reply on June 16th, 2008:

    haha! Now that’s priceless. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Great comment buddy


  13. Blog Network Says:

    AFP: LOL. “He is definitely short of a few educational links himself”.

    Fact is Bryan knows how to make money online, and has been doing it for some time now. Im a fan, because he knows his stuff, i enjoy his writing, and he knows how to impart his knowledge to others.

    I dont believe in heroes, but there are people who we like because (maybe) they happen to be smarter, faster, more likeable, balanced, sane, etc. Who knows.

    I’ve read the whole ugly saga with the OMG blog, and all i can say, is that it got very very ugly and nasty. I didnt not join in (and other than this comment) i still wont.

    If you know Bryan and have been following him like i have since last year, he knows his stuff. Plain and simple. The guy could sell ice to eskimos. He is very smart. Those that dont like him, are obviosuly jeoulous.

    I’ve never met Bryan and we arent offline buds, im just sticking up for the dude, cause i like his style, and dont want him to go anyhwere.

    Peace. Missy.


    Bryan Clark reply on June 16th, 2008:

    Missy is my hero. Thanks for all the kind words Missy. I value all of my readers, and especially the really active ones. But I have to say that it’s nice to have people like you that have been with me since I was a struggling blogger trying to make a couple of hundred dollars a month… which I think I did by accident.


  14. Website Business Broker Says:

    I like the idea of blogging on some edu sites - I have been very successful getting SEO from blogging and posting on forums with highly relevant content - rather than spamming the sites as your ‘nemesis’ declares picking through the search results for edu blogs that are relevant in content to my website business broker niche will further enhance my seo.


  15. Jusitn Says:

    I’ve been using this method since I’ve read it here. I’ve already noticed a jump of about 50 hits a day for last three days and ive only executed it five days ago and now today. I’ll have to see how things keep going


  16. Piss Biscuit Says:

    Hoe the heck did I miss this mess? WOW WEE I would have LOVED to chime in… I’ve got a gagillion things to say… ahh… woo saa… woo saa. Anyway, call me a sadist but I would have loved to been here for that one… in fact BRYAN!!! Why don’t you install the subscribe to comments plugin… it would help idiots like me stay informed!


    Bryan Clark reply on June 25th, 2008:

    Ask and you shall receive. I’ll install the plugin right away, and then you’ll be good to go!


  17. theaffiliatepost Says:

    LMAO ahh…woo saa..woo saa

    I can’t imagine what else you could have to add to that comment!!


  18. Brett Says:

    Hey Bryan,

    I just read this post and I have a website flipping blog as well that I just started. I kind of stole your article, well not exactly, I rewrote it in my own words and gave you 100% credit for it and linked back here. I hope you don’t mind and keep up the great work. If you ever have any comments or suggestions for some one getting started in website flipping blog niche please don’t hesitate to stop by and leave a message!

    Thanks Buddy,
    Brett -


  19. Brett Says:

    Hey Bryan,

    I just read this post and I have a website flipping blog as well that I just started. I kind of stole your article, well not exactly, I rewrote it in my own words and gave you 100% credit for it and linked back here. I hope you don’t mind and keep up the great work. If you ever have any comments or suggestions for some one getting started in website flipping blog niche please don’t hesitate to stop by and leave a message!

    Thanks Buddy,
    Brett -

    ps: please delete above comment (wrong information)


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