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Use The Search Button - It’s Your Friend

Tue, Sep 23, 2008


I don’t have a lot of time, I’m elbow deep in finishing up The Blog Flipping Blueprint, but I wanted to share a juicy tidbit with you here.

One of the most overlooked functions of Sitepoint is the ability to search through completed auctions.  When buying and selling websites, it’s imperative to have a general idea of what the going rate for a particular type of website is.  As they say, the money is made when you buy the website, not when you sell.  You really can’t be effective at either, unless you know how to research the marketplace.

In the top right corner of the Sitepoint marketplace is the juicy little bar with the words “Search” next to it.  You can do a general search, which involved just typing in your keywords, and hoping for the best, but the real gem is the “Advanced Search” function.  This is key, because it allows you to search not only keywords, but it has filters in place.  I like to sort my auctions by type (auction, not classified ad), and I only want to view auctions that are “won”.  That keeps me from having to dig through a million sites that didn’t sell.  I’m really only interested in knowing how much it could go for, not finding out how many listings didn’t sell.

You can use this function to find out exactly how much that sweet deal would go for on the only marketplace that matters.  You might find that your sweet deal, is more like a sour apple!  Always do your homework.

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  1. Going Green Says:

    Wow… i didnt realize it had a search function, but even if i had, i probably wouldnt have used it…


  2. Ryan McLean Says:

    One of the things I hated about sitepoint was that there was so many listing that you didn’t win that you had to look through…this was really annoying me.
    I love your site and I love reading about site flipping. But personally I think site flipping sucks. I want you to check out my reasons and tell me what you think…
    Not trying to spam here I want to see what YOU think (and everyone else if they want to put in their two cents). And heck this is a related link anyway so definately not spam…(I hate spam…grrr)
    It’s here


  3. Justin Says:

    Good post. That’s what I’ve been using to see what sells and what will make me the most money.


  4. Nota Bene Consulting Says:

    I love the advanced search. Not only do I use it to spy on some of my fellow site flippers but I also like to track the markets too. Like you said, you can use it to see what is selling and for how much money! I also like to look at those listings that get lots of comments too - they might not sell but the interest is there, and if you look a little closer you will spot some gaps to exploit.


  5. Luis Gross Says:

    Tell me about it Bryan!

    That’s the first thing I did since I head of blog flipping.

    I think I’ve seen them all!

    I think my first 2 days, I spent about 2 and half hours just going through old auctions, trying to get the feel of things!

    Search button isn’t my friend — it’s my lover!


  6. Freddie Says:

    Yeah B, that search button is great.

    The day I said I need to make this happen is when I searched the Won auctions and seen this same name listed for 8 sites in a row, then 4 more a little further down THAT SOLD FOR $597/ea.

    Yes, she made $7,164 bucks that weekend.

    I was flooooooorrrrrreeeeddddd!!!!! No joke, Wow!

    Clark, I am sure you are hipped to this and maybe doing this, but I was blown away. I remember the name and will continue to watch what she is doing.


    Bryan Clark reply on September 26th, 2008:

    I think I know who you are talking about, but you feel like sharing the name with everyone else?


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