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Turnkey Websites - Factors Of Valuation

Sat, May 3, 2008

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This should be a pretty short post because I can sum up the factors of valuation to a turnkey website in a sentence. Half-way decent looking, and with monetization methods already in place. As I said in the intro article to turnkey sites - What are turnkey websites? - it makes it a heck of a lot easier to resell them if they already have monetization methods in place. Some of these turnkey websites have an easy edit function which allows you to edit one simple file that has all the information to your monetization streams. For example - one file will hold all of the data for your monetization streams - Adsense, eBay, Paypal, etc; and all you’ll have to do is change the information from theirs, to yours. I’ll make a video about this shortly, and you’ll be able to see how easy it really is.

When evaluating a turnkey website it warrants mention that the site doesn’t have to be the greatest looking site you’ve ever seen. Even if it’s just a plain site with some good monetization methods, it can be very valuable to someone else. Here’s the plain and simple truth… the better looking the site, the more it will sell to someone else for. However, having a good looking site often proves unfruitful if you plan on keeping it yourself, and trying to get organic, or PPC traffic. For whatever reason, in my split-testing experience, people don’t like the smoke and mirrors on good looking sites. I guess this is still the reason that a plain text landing page with an image or two scattered within it, still makes for effective internet marketing.

So the two things to remember when deciding whether or not a turnkey site is worth buying -

  1. Stick with the middle… don’t go with a site that’s too flashy, but don’t go with something that’s complete trash either. It’s always wise to buy something in between, because whether you want to sell it, or make money with it, you can often do it. Remember, good looking turnkey sites are easier to sell, but can often be harder to make money with if you plan on keeping it.
  2. Try to find sites with monetization streams already in place. It helps if there is an easy edit option so that you only have to change your information in one place. This can make for a real easy transition period for you if you have no design experience.

In closing, I’d like to mention that experimentation is the key with turnkey sites. You are going to buy some duds, but overall 80%+ of these things will make you money! That’s a powerful thought isn’t it? 80%+ of turnkey sites will make you money in one way or the other. Whether it’s keeping them and sending orgranic or PPC traffic to them, or selling them off to other entrepreneurs, these sites can be valuable!

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. Girish Says:

    Great post Bryan. Nowadays, the trend amongst turnkey sites seems to be “Watch TV Online” sites. Do you think these will prove easy to make money with or do they just have the instant resale value?


  2. Joe Says:

    Hey, your notes here are making it seem like I can use my website as a turnkey site! Just kidding, I wouldn’t sell the one I have, but it’s an interesting concept. Where do you go to look for turnkey sites?


  3. Bryan Clark Says:

    Girish - Yeah, that seems to be the trend. I don’t see how you could build a following around them quick enough to generate much cash, but they are instant gold when it comes to reselling them.

    Joe - (affiliate link) $25 a month, and you can use as many of their templates as you’d like.


  4. Coach Kip Says:

    Another great post. What do you think about a combination of purchasing turnkey sites, and building your own simple turnkey sites to sell.

    I am thinking Donald Trump here. He has used a combination of Rebuilding old dilapidated buildings, and simply building his own to generate income (a tremendous amount by the way).

    Is this the same thing but online? I can feel the gears turning in my brain.


  5. Bryan Clark Says:

    As far as combinations go, yours is a good one. Most people that sell turnkey sites end up creating them at first. However, you’ll find as time passes, and your bank account grows larger… you won’t have the time for it! So then you’ll start to just modify existing templates, and making multiple versions of it.


  6. justin Says:

    Bryan, or anyone

    As for selling it, I see the cost of membership as negligible because you get unlimited sites and I’m assuming the only other cost with turnkey are domain, hosting and escrow fees when you sell. What have been the average selling price for your turnkeys? I was expecting to get an average price of $250 and hoping or an average profit of $200 a day. Am I overvaluing? If so then I guess I can always sell more a day. Thank you


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