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The Blog Flipping Blueprint - Coming Soon!

Mon, Sep 8, 2008


A blog is a great place to share information about site flipping, but it has it’s draw backs.

  1. The information is scattered throughout months worth of archives.
  2. It’s not complete.  A bit about this subject, and a bit about that, and we’ll retouch on the first subject later.
  3. It’s ineffective

My goal since the start of this site was to make you guys money.  Online guru’s do nothing more than sell you washed up information that has been tried and tested… into oblivion.  It doesn’t work, and it’s not something that’s going to make you any cash.  What’s worse than that?  It’s ineffective.  The most effective training method is a step-by-step, do this and then do that approach.  Not 7 hours worth of video theory, and then give it a try!  The best method is walking you through the idea, and taking one step at a time. 

Site flipping is a niche that didn’t exist until a short time ago.  It’s something that’s new, fresh, and most importantly - still a goldmine!  Well, seeing the explosive growth and interest level in site flipping first hand, I decided to do something about it.  I’m in the process of creating a product that is absolutely GUARANTEED to make you money, and even better, it’s easy to follow and you can get started the same day you purchase it.

Excited yet?  Waiting for the “limited time offer”?  There isn’t one.  It’s not complete, and this isn’t a sales page.  This page is designed completely to get your input, so that I can make sure to address all of your questions in the product.

It’s about 80% there, and I’ve decided to take a video approach, along with the use of powerpoint to carve up this niche and seve it to you in easy-to-digest bites that will make you cash.

I’m so sure that it’ll make you cash, when it’s complete, it’ll offer the best guarantee of any product in this industry.  If you do not make your initial investment back within 30 days, and you actually follow the methods I lay out for you like a color by number… then you get your money back, and keep the product.

I’m excited about bringing this to you, because I can’t wait to see the success stories created by one of the very few internet products that will actually make you money, and make it quickly!

Where you come in

As I said, this product is almost complete, but I would never release it unless I was sure it was the best on the market.  The only way for me to be sure that it’s the best on the market is to make sure that it answers ALL of your questions.  So, I’m here to ask… what are your questions?  What do you want in a product?  What would be the #1 thing that would make you buy this immediately?  How can I help you to make more money flipping sites for quick profits?

Now, I’m not 100% sure yet, but the ways it’s looking is that this series of text, videos, audio, and blueprints will be available for $97.  I’m going to offer it to my newsletter subscribers for 48 hours at the price of $49.97, and then to the general public after that 48 hour period for $97, so I really hope you are on my newsletter subscriber list.

So what would you like to see covered in ths product?  As it sits (80% complete), I can guarantee it’ll make you your purchase price back within a month.  If you are pretty smart, you can probably make it back in a day or two.  But I really want to know what you absolutely MUST KNOW, before I can call this the best product on the market.

I’m going to leave this up for the next two days, while I continute to iron out the kinks, and go over your feedback.

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12 Comments For This Post

  1. Ryan @ Smarter Wealth Says:

    This sounds like a really awesome idea. I would be super keen on a blog flipping blueprint. Sometimes it is too hard to flip through an archive and hunt out the articles your are looking for. A blueprint could be way better.
    I wrote a 20 page report on flipping websites if you want to check it out before you write yours?? Its free at


  2. Dereck Says:

    I’m not questioning your method effectiveness, but I was burned several times on products that won’t work, and personally I would buy something for 50 $ or even 100 $ only if I’m 1000 % sure that it works. You have to be more transparent on one hand and keep the privacy and your product on the other.


  3. stock market for beginners Says:


    as mentioned in my emails to you

    organic traffic building is huge. I still have yet to see ANYONE come up with a step by step guide on how to build traffic from SERPs. Theres many that say, ‘get links’ and are amazingly vague, but none that say: “get comment links while completing site and articles, then directories cuz they take a long time and get you trickle links while you do other link building, etc. etc. etc.”

    personally I’ve learned more than i thought i would just by getting out there and making mistakes, but its still slow going.

    i would pay for a singular product that guaranteed i could get 100 daily organic hits in a month.

    flipping would be icing on the cake IMO.


  4. Chelsea Says:

    I think Im pretty knowledgable in how to make websites, etc..however, noone wants to buy a site with no traffic. Thats the only part I need help with. How the he$$ can I get traffic QUICK and with the least amount of effort so that I can flip a site for a decent amount of cash? I have some awesome sites with awesome niches, Search engine and keyword optimized, etc, etc..but they don’t sell because lack of traffic! I dont have time to advertise ONE site for 2 hours every day, so what I would buy is something that told me exactly what to do (not just a generalization) and how to do it - to get QUICK traffic.

    So therefore Bryan… We’d like to know exactly what you do, EXACTLY, from start to finish including traffic generating techniques. I think a couple REAL CASE STUDIES of actual sites you flip, where you take us through the steps from A-Z, flipping websites.

    Also I would be interested in NOT only BLOG flipping, but basic websites as well.

    But I think that if you really lay it out on the line, and DONT hold ANYTHING back, you will have a real winner. I think the biggest issue with these guru ebooks is that they generally DO hold back…either competition reasons, or just to lazy to explain reasons…I dont know. But I think I will be riding this cowboy - let me know when it comes out. I will definately be your guinea pig!! I’m both skeptic and inspired at the same time, so I would be the perfect person to review this ebook. I have bought hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of ebooks and software on the ‘net that claim to either one, make you money (Including website flipping…Ive read ALL those..) or generate traffic. I have to say the best I have had to date has been by that JD Swanson guy, who flips websites for instant cash. You know you Im talking about Bryan, so if you think you can out-do him which I think you can as I feel he really held back on a lot of things, I think your product will be a winner!

    Also, how about holding a contest or something that gives away a couple copies?? :o) heh…also sorry I havent been too active in your blog discussions, but I read your newsletter every day and enjoy reading your articles. I think you are one of the few guys who actually apply themselves 100% to his readers in means of actually wanting to help them, so again, Im all eyes and ears when it comes to your discussions even though I might be the silent one


  5. Chelsea Says:

    Sorry just one more thing:

    I would like to know which money making programs, whether it be ebooks, google adsense, BANS, etc..that you feel is the BEST way to earn money from a website or blog. And one thing that I never hear these gurus tell us, which I would pay money right off the bat to hear, is how much money they make, from which programs and from which websites. I learn best from example, I get excited when I hear REAL results.

    So if I heard you say “I earned $3,123.59 last month from X website with X program - I’ll show you how!” opposed to “Earn thousands from your website and then flip for hundreds of thousands!” - the difference is that the first one feels more honest, personable and realistic - the 3 qualities I would look for when purchasing a product from someone.

    When it comes down to it, the reader is buying in to a dream…a dream that the author is supposed to help come true. The reader is going to believe that if you’re honest, personable and open. Don’t hold back!! We want to know exactly HOW successful you are Bryan, before we buy your product that’s showing us how to be just like you ;o)

    Anyways, getting really excited about this, hurry up and finish it! lol…j/k take your time..!


  6. Martha Says:

    Hey there,

    Congrats on tackling a step by step product - sounds awesome.

    I’ll echo some of the comments above….the truth will sell. A truthful step-by-step method of exactly how you do it - no holds barred. We’ve all been suckered in by promises that don’t hold water. An honest approach with full disclosure will sell for you and I’ll be ready to purchase!

    Questions/suggestions - will there be updates? A separate forum?

    Many thanks,


  7. Justin Says:

    Affiliate program for us to make some of our purchase price back!

    I think if you threw in some turnkey websites it would sell really quick.Wink Wink


  8. Sly from SlyVisions dot Com Says:

    Can’t wait to see until this is available.

    What I’d like to see in the product:

    - real step-by-step instructions
    - guaranteed to make money, no matter how easy or hard this product might be to any user
    - a promise that users will be able to get their money back within “x” amount of days
    - basically, a product that actually makes people money by providing detailed instructions



  9. Al Says:

    A resource guide for everything we would need would be great. For example where to go to outsource or find themes, copywriting, etc..

    Looking forward to following your blueprint and giving you a testimonial of my success.


  10. Freddie Says:


    I am sure you have terrific information in here regarding these subjects, but I am going to through them out there anyway.

    WordTracker - Can you breakdown the keyword search process you use when flipping sites?

    Advanced Techniques - After flipping one site, I know there are many, many things that I am not aware of as I have only done 1 flip. What would I not learn from doing one flip.

    More than one site - Techniques for bring 4, 5, 6 sites to the market place at once and locations where we can find ebooks with resell rights. LOL!

    Writing Sales copy - This is obviously a big lesson for those flipping new sites as it is a lot of your words that are going to make the money for you.

    I will definately be getting this book as you have demonstrated to me that you are not playing with this business and really know what you are talking about. Thanks for the information and I am ready to suck it up and APPLY IT!

    PS. I bought a Boxed Art membership and am looking to get some items posted for sale this weekend. I noticed that TurnKey Nation is much better, but didn’t have the extra funds to get it yet. My plan is to flip a few sites, then by the TurnKey Nation product as well.

    Thanks for everything, B!


  11. Normal Joe Says:

    Bout time man! I told you the folks are ready! Nah, I want whatever you put in it man, I know it’s gonna be ill and from talking a bit with you about it…I can’t wait for it to drop. I know you’re gonna smash the competition man and I know you really want to provide step by step instructions….

    @Freddie…get at me on them resell right’s playa! I got some info fo ya


  12. John Says:

    For me the biggest turn-off for this kind of thing is someone claiming they guarantee to make you rich, because that just screams to me it’s a scam. A lot of the time it’s about hooking people in with dreams of how they can give up their dead-end job and work short hours from home with no effort and make a fortune.

    Well I don’t have a dead-end job and I’m not only interested in making easy money. I’m happy to work at something and take the time to make it effective.

    If someone can show me realistically, step-by-step how to start small and make a modest amount of extra money to begin with then I’d be more impressed and ready to pay for straightforward practical advice.

    So basically what I’m saying is cut the crap and keep your advice down to earth.


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