Site Flip U Is Heating Up!

Sat, Aug 16, 2008


Well folks, at the end of the day I have to say that I enjoy the company here more than at any other site I visit.  I have a great group of readers, and the conversations generally get pretty active in the comment area.  It excites me, and drives me to continue pumping out great content.  Well, you’ve inspired me to do even more.

Lately I’ve had my had in more than a few cookie jars at the same time,  and it’s left me very litle time to post here at SFU.  Well, that’s all changed.  I offloaded a few time killing sites, hired a few great people to do some writing for me, and worked out a deal with a few others to do a revenue split on my flips, in exchange for some quality posting.  What’s this mean to you?  More updates here at SFU!

It’s kinda sad actually.  Ever since it’s creation, Site Flip U has been a flagship blog in my opinion, yet it’s been treated like the red-headed stepchild of my network.  I have done NO promotion, NO link building, and NO real work here other than organizing a contest, keeping up with comments, and churning out a post or two a week.  Well, after checking out some of my most recent posts… they suck.  You come here to hear about blog flipping, and since the contest, you’ve had maybe 1-2 value posts to read.  Luckily, most of you have stuck around, but fasten your seatbelts… things are about to change.  I generally post about twice a week, but I vow to do my absolute best to try and churn out 3 quality posts a week, and maybe one or two news stories about hot niches, marketplace news, or even some recent flips of mine.

Just to show you I’m serious about improving SiteFlipU, I spent my Saturday doing several things that I should have done months ago to improve my site.  I created 3 different Squidoo Lenses, so that I can control the term “Blog Flipping” by doing so.  I have all 3 variations of the term blog flipping, and that should improve my SEO efforts considerably.  I’m also working on some on-site SEO stuff that should have been done from day 1!  What else?  Link building of course.  I want to rank #1 for the term “blog flipping“, out of the 40,000+ results.  What have I done so far to get there… nothing!  The funny thing is that Missy actually ranks higher than me for a term that I decided to target months ago.  Sad but true.  Shows what a complete disregard for link building can do.  Missy, congrats… but I’m coming for you now!  You think I’m ambitious?  You should see me when I’m motivated! 

My 3 new Squidoo Lenses in case you want to check them out…


That’s right, I’ve officially created a Squidoo monopoly for the term.  What I did was used the first one, as a main page, and used the other two variations to have a link to my site, but more importantly a link to the main squidoo page.  Hopefully this passes some link juice with time, and the main squidoo page ranks first or second for the term, while my blog ranks right ahead or behind it.  Either way, they’ll find my site.

Also, I plan on getting out to comment more.  I have used this site in the URL field when commenting on other sites, but I never anchor the link with my target keywords.  It wasn’t really a focus of mine since SFU was really kind of an afterthought.  Well, now that I have some time to really build, it’s time to get to work.  I’ll be commenting much more, and of course, anchoring my links like they should be.

What else?  Well, increased posting frequency, more comments, more high quality links (like Squidoo), and… hmmm… I think I’m forgetting something.  Oh yeah!  Twitter!  I’ve got an account, and I keep hearing from my marketer friends how wonderful of a service it is at driving traffic, yet I still haven’t found time to keep messing with it.  I’ll be changing that too.  Anyone got Twitter accounts they want followed?  Send me your username in a comment.  I’ll follow!

I’m pumped. I’ve actually got time to work on the flagship, it’s time to see what this site can do.  Hope I didn’t lose to many of you in the process!

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  1. REP Says:

    Excellent news! I’m looking forward to all that you’ll be posting here.


    Bryan Clark reply on August 16th, 2008:

    Thanks. Check back often, I’ll be updating a bit more frequently now.


  2. Coach Kip Says:

    Way to go Missy good job on beating the master at the blog flip keyword.

    Glad to hear that things are going to ramp up. We are in the process of moving again and once I settle down I will be going full bore with flipping blogs and developing sites.


    Bryan Clark reply on August 16th, 2008:

    What are we gonna do with Missy? She accidently outranks me for my top kyword. That just goes to show that Google hates me.


  3. Missy Says:

    Accidentally is right. LOL. I love it when i accidentally do something right. Now if only i could actually master something NOT by accident.

    I’ll give you the top ranking for just ONE of your sweeeeeeeet flip sales. I care about money, not ranking. Is that an oxymoron? Prolly is. Well, i’m not trying to rank for that. I was just trying to give you props for the NEW! forum.

    Actually the accident prolly stems from the fact that i don’t really know what the heck keywords to shoot for at G34 Media. I’ve been trying to go after those who want a blog, not flippers.

    Too funny.


  4. Missy Says:

    No need to come after me. I don’t want it. It shouldn’t be hard to outrank me, as it’s not a term i’m targeting.

    Go for it. You know about this stuff better than me. Interesting, very interesting development. LoL.

    Good stuff.


  5. Normal Joe Says:

    Cool, I’m looking forward to more posts, and more comments. I have a twitter and will follow

    I love the community here, and I’ve met a few people that have become some pretty cool buddies


  6. Asuka Says:

    Do you promote your lenses or just let people find them?


  7. Bryan Clark Says:

    I should be promoting them, but it’s all about finding time to do what’s most profitable. So, this one has to wait.


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