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Show Of Hands - Who’s Selling?

Thu, Jul 24, 2008

Blog Flipping

Over the past few days, it’s come to my attention that most of you are planning on keeping your blogs.  I definitely think that it’s wise to hold on to any site for as long as you can before flipping it.  Time generally means more money, and that’s hardly a bad thing.  Whether you decide to keep your site, or sell it, is up to you.  However, just know that you can use the tools you used to build this one to do it over, and over again.  Learn any shocking secrets?  I dont’ think so..  All of this is pretty cut and dry, and it just took getting over your hurdle, and giving it a try.  I’m glad that all of you made the attempt, this already puts you ahead of most entrepreneurs.

The typical “entrepreneur” (in quotes because most of them aren’t), will do more than just talk about an idea, they do everything in their power to make it happen.  Sometimes the hardest step to take is the first one, and then after that, it all comes pretty simply, doesn’t it?

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m proud of all of you.  I’m glad that you took the challenge, and I’m glad that you now know how quick and easy this can be.  The few of you that sell your blogs are also going to see a nice profit (let’s hope!).  As I’ve said from the beginning, site flipping isn’t hard.  It’s not rocket science, and if you are building a blog right now, you can probably handle it.  The key lies in getting over your fear of a new commitment, and the ability to push through that fear and tackle the project.  Good going all!

I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve, and there is plenty more to learn about blog flipping, and site flipping.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to get this down so that we can add it to our arsenal of ways to make money online.

So, what do you guys wanna do learn next month?  I’ve got some quick and easy ways for you to make money with turnkey websites… anyone biting?

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  1. CoachKip Says:

    I am not selling right away. I have a few other sites that I would like to develop surrounding the professor name and then sell either as a bundle or one by one.

    As far as the fear of a new commitment I think that you have it right. I have taught at an inner city school for the last 4 years. It is not really as bad as you think. There are a few things that I learned there

    Kids are kids, black, white, hispanic, asian we had them all. They are also all the same. They worry about what others think of them, they want to be successful, and they have no idea what is going on in life (mostly due to hormone changes). The differences are clearly learned from their surroundings.

    I have also learned the success is scary. I taught a high stakes class. After my class they had to pass a state test to graduate. It seems unfair but they did get as many chances as possible to take the test and pass. Unfortunately every year I had a handfull of students who were very capable of passing, but failed. It was total self sabbatoge and usually not on purpose. They would get nervous and just lock up. Success was very scary to them. On the other hand I would have a handfull of students every year who passed and told me they were the first in their family. So what is the difference between those who locked up and those who passed? If you can answer that you are a genius.

    My point is commitment to success, to something new, to something that is “out of the box” is scary to many people. I think that a contest like this is great, it gets people to do things and it relieves a lot of tension. So kudos, and thank you for helping me overcome my fear of starting a new business online.


    Bryan Clark reply on July 24th, 2008:

    Great stuff Kip. That was one of the best comments I’ve ever read. We all fear the unknown, so that was the point of this contest. The information I can provide you is MOSTLY already out there… it was all about getting you guys to take action, which you did. I couldn’t be more happy.


  2. The Affiliate Post Says:

    @ Kip: Awesome comment mate. Well done you!

    @ Bryan: I’m working on a few things with Turnkey sites so this is me biting on that one!!!

    As for the comp, I will be selling for sure. Like you say, you can always do it over again and again. whether or not I will sell in the alloted competition timeline I do not know - I still have a lot of work to do on the site so I may be a week or so out. I’m glad that I got involved with this and have learnt so much in the space of just a few short weeks. Thanks for that!

    Looking forward to the results and also seeing the progress of those who keep theirs.

    P.S in this little forum you are planning…after watching all of our attempts, what are the chances of a top secret site flip demo from your good self? No need to give away all your tips but just let us follow you through buying site to selling site. What changes and why sort of thing? Hell, maybe another competition ‘The People v’s Bryan Clark’ style!


    Bryan Clark reply on July 24th, 2008:

    Maybe that’s what we’ll do in August AP. I’ll walk you through one of my own flips from top to bottom.


  3. Missy Says:

    As i stated in a previous thread, i do plan on selling. And thank you Bryan, (or can i call you Bry). haha.

    1.) As for next month, i would like to get into static sites, an affiliate shop. I have an idea for a shop that carries various vegetarian, vegan, and eco friendly goods.

    But i dont know how to set this up. I suppose BANS is one option, but i dont fancy forking over the $100 for the software, just yet. There has to be a cheaper way to have an affiliate shop. I want to learn how to do this.

    2.) Also i want to learn how to profit more from turnkey sites, such as my image host.

    3.) And lastly i want to set up a MySpace Comments Site, and either re-sell it, or make good money with it.

    That should keep me busy in August and September 2008.

    Bry: What do you propose for August?


    Bryan Clark reply on July 24th, 2008:

    Definitely used to being called Bry, so from you… it’s acceptable.

    That sounds like a great plan. Can’t wait to see what you do from here on.


    Nick reply on July 25th, 2008:

    You can set a BANS style site as an Ebay affiliate through Wordpress, absolutely free. As for selling a Ebay affiliate site, you’ll never make any money off it in a sale unless you find a dummy. You’ll be lucky to make 2-3 bucks a week.


    Bryan Clark reply on July 25th, 2008:

    Yep. Don’t let anyone talk you into Bans. I was curious, so I bought it… Wordpress actually gives you more to work with when building these sites, and they are already pretty solid when it comes to seo.


  4. JK Swopes Says:

    Well, I wasn’t able to get in on this, but, I’m here now and plan to learn as much as I can! I look forward to whatever is planned and I already feel like part of the community.


  5. korprit Says:

    Started my site on the 11th of this month (so i missed out on the competition), and have been following this and a few other blogs. not seeing much success to be honest. but selling would not be the end goal in my eyes.

    the overall purpose of online entrepreneurship for me is passive income. I really liked the idea of getting enough syndication that you can hire out a writer and move onto the next project. that would be my goal, not a quick sale.

    granted….if i could get more than the 1-2 visitors (even after a over 100 ping accounts and 3 dozen article submissions) a day…that would be a bit of a boost in confidence


    Bryan Clark reply on July 24th, 2008:

    Well, you have the idea pegged, but it generally takes money to set up passive income streams. Blogging is NOT a passive income stream, even if you outsource the writing. So basically what I’m saying is… flip ‘em, and figure out a way to use the money to set up a more passive payout!


    Nick reply on July 25th, 2008:

    Yea, well said. Anyone that is planning on blogging to make a living basically has a pipe dream. Out of the millions of blogs out there, there are probably 50 that can honestly just blog and support a family. It just can’t happen anymore, not with how crowded it is. Well, can’t is a strong word, but don’t quit your job with hopes of blogging for a living.


    JK Swopes reply on July 25th, 2008:

    Blogging can create a nice income if you have the right plan. Just blogging by itself will not get you there, but, when you use blogging as a “gateway” so to speak, you can lead it into other things.

    Using a blog to build a customer base, to which you promote your own or other products is when you start getting into the business side of blogging.

    A lot of bloggers think making money from a blog is basically selling adspots, while this is true, the real benefit comes from using your blog as the hub of your online biz.

    If you can start funneling readers from your blog to other aspects of your business, and converting them to customers, that’s when you’ll really see the benefits of a blog.

    But, for anyone to think they’ll make a living just from writing on their blog is well….you know

    Nick reply on July 25th, 2008:

    Exactly. Other businesses. Just blogging, as you said, is well, you know… It’s not impossible, just not very realistic. It’s like putting all your hopes and dreams into becoming a professional athlete or singer.


    Bryan Clark reply on July 25th, 2008:

    Very good replies by Nick and JK. I’ve said it from the beginning, and I’ll rehash it here. Your blog is not the vehicle to success, it’s more like the keys to get into that vehicle.

    Every successful blogger that makes great money doesn’t JUST blog. They have used the popularity that they’ve gained blogging, to sell products, create membership sites, or build networks of blogs that are completely outsourced. Blogging isn’t the answer, but it’ll help to get you where you want to be.

  6. Forest Says:

    As I said a million times before my site is not going to sell and I hope to turn up the profit from it in August…. I am starting to find it a little hard to find topics to write about some days so maybe slow the posting down and attract some more visitors by spending time commenting and digging at search terms…. Google has started to send a few weary visitors my way.

    As for next month… I have a blog to create centred around my design business.

    I also have two blogs and that need rejuvinating. I think I may keep these for small amounts of profit and hopefully build nutrition health into a place capable of selling on honest reviews of ebooks and products. The animal blog may just be for personal gain and drips of adsense.

    I am also working on a few projects with other bloggers and hoping to explode my design business…. anyone need any banners, we should talk :). I’ll post more about it when the forum is up!!

    So a turnkey site would be awesome…. I could spare an hour or so a day for a turn key site or dedicate a day per week, and have been talking a little with AP about it.

    PS…. ask Bryan to show you his photoshop work, for someone who has only been learning for a couple of weeks he is doing absolutely awesome. He is already producing slicker graphics than some so called professionals I see advertising themselves in this blogosphere place.

    We all seem to want to help each other out and I believe we there is plenty of room in this money making crowd for us all.


    Bryan Clark reply on July 24th, 2008:

    Forest, I have to say that I was completely impressed with your blog for this contest, and I think you are right on the money about keeping it. However, we shouldn’t forget that it has momentum right now… once that stops, it’s harder to get going again. So, if you are going to keep it, make sure you aren’t neglecting it, or your fast start won’t mean much of anything.

    As far as the Photoshop stuff, thanks! Creating that stuff has been an obsession lately… but I’ve got a long way to go to be considered “good” at it! I’ll keep plugging though


    Nick reply on July 25th, 2008:

    Yea, Forest, your blog is awesome I really enjoy reading it. You may have a winner here.


  7. Forest Says:

    Cheers Bryan,

    The problem I am having now is a huge slow down of social media and a hard time getting Google to rank me highly. My site is displaying a PR0 which suggests it was once a site before so I feel that Google is looking at it wearily….. Yahoo does not mind me too much :)… However when google starts to like me a little more then the fun will start.

    Just gotta keep link building and churning out content.

    I’m getting about 2 aweber sign ups per day right now…..


  8. Missy Says:

    PR Update is on its way (according to Matt Cutts):

    Has anyone seen an update, yet?


    Bryan Clark reply on July 25th, 2008:

    No updates here yet. Although I’m not expecting much… this site hasn’t received near the time it deserves.


    Jay reply on July 25th, 2008:

    I saw PR2 in a dream for SiteFlipU and for SuiteJ. I’m telling you man, I’m never wrong about these things.


  9. chelsea Says:

    hey bry

    i am gonna sell in a few i know the longer i hold on to it the more it will be worth…need a lot more backllinks and i am currently playing around with a few different methods so i’ll see what happens. thanks for everything, you’ve beena great teacher. As far as learning more about selling websites , Im in!! Please keep up the good work man!


    Bryan Clark reply on July 25th, 2008:

    Thanks Chelesea. I’m glad you decided to take part. Hope you continue to keep learning, and eventually, teach this stuff to someone else.


  10. Jay Says:

    Bryan, is there a deadlie on the sale? Is that July 30th? 31st? Aug 1st? Decenber 25th?



  11. Bryan Clark Says:

    Has to be listed August 1, Jay.


    The Affiliate Post reply on July 30th, 2008:

    Can we expect a post on the sale process? I almost forgot that it was sale time. Having never sold a blog before, I think your next post is going to be crucial Mr Clark.


  12. The Affiliate Post Says:

    Wow….where the hell did that site come from Chelsea??? Last time I checked it was parked and I thought you were not playing along with us anymore.

    Great Job!


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