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Join Me Tonight On Ustream!

Thu, Sep 11, 2008


Our “blog flipping friday” show is actually going to be called “Site Flipping Weekly” and it’ll be moved to Thursdays from now on. I’ll be online tonight at 9pm ET which is roughly 4 and a half hours from now.

I apologize for not giving advanced notice, and because of this I’m not expecting a lot of you to show up, but for those of you that are there, I’ll be answering questions, and we’ll have some time to chat!

Hope to see you right here at 9pm ET!

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5 Comments For This Post

  1. BarryO Says:

    I`m flipped on the other side of the world and already late for bed. One question, are you going to be able to archive the shows for us that will be in dream land.


    Bryan Clark reply on September 11th, 2008:

    Quite possibly!


    Andy Levy-Stevenson reply on September 11th, 2008:

    I’ll second that if I may … 9:00 pm is 4;00 am for me.

    And if I can ask another favor, since I understand you use UStream? Can you set the recordings to be downloadable?

    UStream streaming is pretty choppy live, but for some reason it’s almost completely useless for watching recorded clips. I’d much prefer to download them and watch offline.


  2. Bryan Says:

    Actually, I thought I was recording it, but when I got to the end I noticed that I wasn’t. Sorry, but I’ll be sure to do it next time! It was a lot of fun, and can’t wait to give it another go next week.


  3. Breakaway Says:

    It ended up good…. i enjoyed it…. sorry for being a comedian and making you crack up throughout the whole thing.


  4. Bryan Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Breakaway. And I’m glad you were a comedian. Between picking on you and Jay, it made the show much more enjoyable.


  5. Missy Says:

    I thought it was off. Dang, i missed it. I came to the site and it was DOWN.

    Did you still hold it?


    Bryan Clark reply on September 12th, 2008:

    Yeah, I was having some hosting issues. This is the last site that I still host on Go Daddy, since I made the Host Gator switch, just due to the fact that it’s gonna be a pain to move.

    I actually set up a quick Hostgator hosting account as part of my reseller account, just to put up a quick HTML page to redirect people to Ustream. You probably just got the site before I was able to get that put up.



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