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How To Make Money With Turnkey Websites Mini-Course

Thu, May 1, 2008

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When using turnkey websites, there are two main ways to make money. I’m not talking about monetization methods here. This is just about the two main ways to profit from a turnkey website.

  1. Sell it
  2. Send traffic to it (ppc, organic, social bookmarking, etc.)

A lot of people out there think turnkey websites are junk. And to be honest, they aren’t the best sites in the world. However, if you follow along, they can be quite profitable to add to your site flipping portfolio. And I’d love to show you how to make money with turnkey websites.

I’m going to be breaking this post up into smaller sections, because if it were one big post it’d be a bit overwhelming to some of you. There is a lot to be said about making money with turnkey websites, so I think my community here would be better served by learning this concept in parts, rather than as a whole. First things first… let’s give you a quick overview of how this series is going to go.

  1. What is a turnkey website?
  2. Evaluating the site before purchasing
  3. Buying turnkey websites
  4. Setting turnkey websites up on your hosting account
  5. Editing one turnkey site, to turn it into multiple sites
  6. Sending traffic to your websites
  7. Properly tracking/analyzing the traffic data and conversions
  8. Selling your website

I’m going to show you both methods of making money with turnkey websites. Sending traffic to it, and selling it. Please note that if you have been sending traffic to a turnkey site, and getting it to produce some revenue, it’s no longer a turnkey website. It’s a regular website, and should be sold as such… for 8-15x monthly revenue.

I guess it’s time to dig in, and get to making some money!

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