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Tue, Jul 15, 2008


I’m pleased to report that I’m back and besides random dizzy spells, feeling much better.  Now, let’s keep moving with this contest.

It’s now Week 3, and we need to start generating some organic traffic.  Most of you have probaly seen a bit of organic traffic already, so you are off to a good start.  For those of you that haven’t, let’s figure out how we can get more organic traffic.

Here’s the deal.  We don’t have the time it takes to rank for highly competitive keywords, so we’ll be targeting long-tails here.  A long-tail keyword is simply any keyword with added text, making it longer than your original keyword.  For example, if my keyword was “Blog Flipping” - I could expand this into a long-tail by using “Learn Blog Flipping Methods” or “Flip Your Blog For Profit”.  Both of these tie into my original word, and they will be much easier to rank for.  When targeting long tails, I tend to shoot for anything with between 200-500k results in Google.  With some keyword optimized text, proper use of title tags, and a few links, I can generally obtain these rankings in less than a week.

You’ve got just over two weeks left before it’s time to sell this puppy, so besides your normal link building, and marketing, I want you all to do a bit of long-tail chasing and see if you can’t get yourself ranked on this weeks articles.  If you don’t have a premium Wordtracker account (which I recommend highly), you can use the free version here.

Let’s break this down into steps for you guys and girls.

  1. Type in your keyword in Wordtracker
  2. Find “lateral” keywords that people are searching for
  3. Do a search on these lateral keywords
  4. Use your data, and start posting.

I don’t know who came up with the idea that you can only target one keyphrase per post, but if the terms are not highly competitive (millions of results), then you can actually kill two, even three birds with one stone if you choose your keywords properly.  Write an article using your new keywords, and make sure to use one in the title.  After that, use Bookmarking Demon or you can post on Do Follow blogs with your anchor text. Here’s the key… instead of linking to your homepage when commenting on Do Follow blogs, link to the post with your optimized keywords.  If you can pick up 20 or so links, you should be on page one for non competitive keywords pretty quickly.  Just use that anchor text wisely!

Also, I’d like to thank Forest for finding this nifty little tool which allows you to find do follow blogs.  I’ve been using it quite often, and I’m sure the results will be great.  Thanks Forest!  Give it a try!

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9 Comments For This Post

  1. Reggae Artists Says:

    Good to see you back Bryan. Hope you are doing well.

    Awesome post. I ave started to pick up a little organic already (google included) and the long tail keyword is next. I am pleased that I am getting traffic from two of my main three keywords already and this can easily be built upon.

    Week three already?!? Damn. I had best pull my finger out!


  2. Coach Kip Says:

    Thanks for the advice. I have started to get some good very long tail success with google, it has always been a mystery to me on how I get these. I will concentrate more on how I am getting these hits to maximize them.

    Do you include your long tail keywords in your meta tags or do you still leave your general focused keywords in there and only use the long tail for spacific articles?


  3. Forest Says:

    Glad you are back

    My amazing start in SU is dying down a little now and I am starting to see organic results from Yahoo. Google is still slow and PB said I am still not indexed, which is crappy!

    I have already started keyword targeting but have not been using the single post messages on the dofollows so best start that (have been using BMDEMON).


  4. The Affiliate Post Says:

    @ Forest: Great find with the do follow diver! Thanks for that.

    @ Bryan: How you feeling buddy?


    Bryan Clark reply on July 16th, 2008:

    I have my moments… but overall I feel alright. I’m still taking it a bit slow.


  5. Jay Says:

    @ Forest: I’d like to thank you for Do Follow Diver as well. I was using software for that, but had to open Windoze in order to use it! (I prefer to use Mac) The only thing is, it doesn’t show page rank on the results like the software does. But I can live with that. Plus, it never hurts to have “extra tools”


  6. Forest Says: This one shows PR too


    Bryan Clark reply on July 16th, 2008:

    Another good one. Thanks for the tool update Forest. Keep ‘em coming!


  7. JK Swopes Says:

    Freakin awesome with the linking back to the post tip, man, little tips like that make my day! Thanks


  8. Keith@Web Affiliate Program Says:

    Awesome do-follow tools. Thanks for that…great post…this is about the 10th post from your blog I’ve read tonight but the first comment…I’ll be SB’ing it as well..


  9. Salim K Says:

    I would post images/pictures into the sites, where it’s not helping me much; although I try to insert alt stuff. Still wondering.


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