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24 Hour Challenge - The Gameplan

Thu, Aug 21, 2008

Blog Flipping

I’m sure this is a post that would appeal to the masses here, so I’ll go ahead and put out some of the planning that has been involved, and my gameplan to succeed in this challenge.  Maybe with a roadmap here, some of you guys can get involved and let me know what you like, what  you don’t, and what you think the overall result will be (in dollars).  Let’s get to it.

1.  Content

My initial plan was to add 10 posts to each site, which would make a total of 50 posts for the math whiz’s in the bunch.  50 posts, one day?  Impossible.  So I outsourced the content.  This was a risky move, because if it’s not done by my deadline, it puts a lot more strain on me trying to accomplish this.  If I had a week or two, I’d be a bit more comfortable with my decision to outsource.  I guess we’ll find out last minute if it’s gonna pan out.  I think I could probably do 20-25 half-assed posts in a a day if I pushed, but any more than that and I’m doomed.  I hired 5 freelancers to do 10 posts each, so I do have some breathing room as long as all of them don’t miss the deadline.  If you’ve worked with freelancers, you know this is always a possibility.

2.  Design

Two of the headers were made by me, and then I outsourced the other three.  How did I make headers without a site?  Easy… I had the designers send them to me in psd format.  That way I can just open up photoshop and edit the text to fit whatever URL’s I’ll be able to register.  Basically the headers read “sample” right now and I’ll have to change it later.

3.  Themes

The two themes I’ll be using here are “Fresh News” by Adii, and “Revolution Magazine” by Brian Gardner.  I haven’t decided which themes get what topic, but I will mix them accordingly tomorrow.

4.  Topics

I can’t choose a domain yet, but I did choose some topics.  The topics for the 24 hour challenge tomorrow will be -

  • eBay
  • Weight Loss
  • Environmental Issues
  • Online Dating
  • Yoga

I didn’t really get to research the niches thoroughly, but I have seen sites in the past that have had a good deal of success using these topics.  I guess we’ll see.

5.  Monetization

Obviously the blogs aren’t selling on traffic and revenue numbers, being that they are one day old.  What’s that leave?  Design and a creative monetization method.  So what’s going to sell these blogs?  Well, if all goes to plan, each will have a blog, an ebook (which I purchased rights to), a landing page, and a great design.  Hopefully that will be enough to put the blogs over the magical $200 mark each.

I’m not sure how this is going to go, I have to be honest about that.  The only sites I’ve ever sold that were 24 hours old, were turnkey sites with generic templates, and I almost always set the buy it now on those types of sites at under $100.   They generally do sell pretty quickly though.  I guess we’ll have to wait and find out how actual blogs do.

I did have a thought, and I’d be curious to get a few opinions on this.  My idea was selling all 5 of them as a bundle in one auction.  I figured that this would minimize the cost which would net me more profit, and most importantly, it would keep my work on these sites minimal.  I wouldn’t have to go through and come up with sales copy on 5 different pages.  This could eliminate an hour or two of work right off the bat.  Plus, there is always the chance of finding someone that’s looking to cut their teeth in multiple niches.  So, what’s the thought on that?  And post your final dollar estimate in the comments… I’m curious to see what everyone thinks.  How much will these 5 sites go for after 24 hours?

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  1. Missy Says:

    I’m looking forward to see which eBooks you use on each blog, as you seem to have a knack for clever integration with topic.

    Also the 2 themes are premium which alone brings up the value on each blog. It’s the equivalent of adding in granite countertops in a home to be put up for sale. LOL.

    Same for the custom banners, this adds value and uniqueness.

    As for selling all 5 in one auction, it is definitely a time saver and work saver. I don’t see why not. It might ramp up overall value as well.

    I am curious about the YOGA blog, cant wait to see what you do there.

    Solid game plan!


  2. Missy Says:

    What do YOU think all 5 will sell for? Your opinion.


  3. Bryan Clark Says:

    HAHA… Nice try. I’ll reserve my right to answer that until after I list them.


  4. Rock Music Says:

    Hey…you need $1,000 profit! The 50 posts is gonna be like $200 or $300, so you should be selling for $1200 or $1300.


    Bryan Clark reply on August 21st, 2008:

    Actually, I’m going to pay about $100 for the content, as for my source, that’s a secret. And nowhere in the challenge details did it say that the $1,000 had to be profit. Just that I could make $1,000 in 24 hours. And if you want to get technical, it doesn’t even say I have to make $1,000, just close to it. But I fully believe that I’ll turn a $1,000 gross profit. I’ll be able to keep over 80% of that.

    And this isn’t normal for me. I don’t like working 24 hours for $1,000. As my readers here can verify, I generally make $1,500 or more on a flip, and have much less than 24 hours work into it. I am a big advocate on outsourcing.


  5. Freddie Says:


    Solid game plan. When I first heard about this contest, I thought no way. Then again, I have never sold a site, so I really have no clue.

    After looking at your game plan, here is my observations:

    1. Outsourcing content was a great move. How much did you pay the freelance writers and where did you find them? If you reveal later, that would be cool. Just trying to learn as much as I can.

    2. Like the customize logo ideas.

    3. Those themes are awesome. Good choices.

    4. Interesting catagory choices. I am interested to see which one sells for the most. I am interested in learning how you do your research on the different areas. I understand you didn’t get to do much, but I am curious of how this is done.

    5. Easy to understand where the value is added. Blog, ebook, landing page, and design with a premium template. As Missy said above, you definately got the granite counter tops out with the marble floors.


    Your game plan really opened my eyes to the possibility of making this happen for one. Two, you make me realize that I can do this as well.

    Not the 5 sites in a day, but I feel positive I could 1 site in a week.

    Thanks for the motivation and insight.

    My guess:



    Bryan Clark reply on August 21st, 2008:

    Thanks buddy. Hopefully the buyers see the value! Great breakdown, and I hope to see you get your feet wet flipping websites. Good luck, and keep us updated on your progress!


  6. Greg Says:

    One of the sites you sold recently had $155 in monthly revenue from the sale of a $5 ebook. I would reference that auction and stats in your listing and state that you have done exactly the same thing with this site for sale so in time the monthly revenue should be at least the same. Indicate that you will provide the winner with the details of what you did with the other site as far as promotion goes. State that because the site is new without a track record you are selling it at an 87% discount: for only $200. Advise that if you were to hang on to the site for a few more months it will earn $150 per month and then you will auction it for $1500. A great opportunity to buy into $150/month site for only $200. Futher more the buyer can choose to sell the site in 3-4 months for $1500 himself. I would stress that while this site(s) doesn’t have a track record, your business model does.

    Good look either way,



    Bryan Clark reply on August 21st, 2008:

    Greg - Get out of my head! That was like verbatim what I had planned. You sure you are new at this? That’s some pretty advanced stuff right there. Great stuff! And thanks for sharing your story with us!


  7. Greg Says:

    One more thing: I would not list the sites together. I think people are used to expecting a deal or discount when they buy things in “bulk”. I think you will get a higher total price if you sell them separately.

    Also if you list them as 1 bundle you are banking on 1 buyer being interested in all 5 AND having $1000 to drop on them. It might be easier to find 5 buyers with a spare $200.



  8. Nick Says:

    I agree with Greg, the bundle is a very bad idea. Unless, you list each individually with a $250 BIN, and then offer the bundle for all five for something like $1,000. That would be the best way to do it, people like a discount.


  9. Suite J Says:

    Good gameplan.

    I agree with Greg and I wouldn’t bundle them since they’re different niches. If they were all the same niche, you could sell them with the idea of “start your own network!” (I’m about to test that one myself lol).

    If you list them separately, you have a better chance of “averaging out” a good profit. In my opinion, you have a better chance of two bidders going to war on one Yoga site and increasing the bidding than you do in a bidding war for 5 new sites in different niches at once.

    Greg also had an excellent tip on using past auction/sites as a successful example of where these sites are headed.

    Also, don’t forget to add that “the premium theme license alone is worth $79.95!”

    I’d prefer to guess after I saw the sites and sale pages, since that will be the deciding factor on so many levels. But, if they’re good and you implement these ideas well, plus more, a BIN of $200+ each on SitePoint is totally feasible.

    Good Luck


  10. Debt Aim Debt Help Says:

    Combining…. i guess wait and see how much time and energy you have…. i doubt you’ll get $1000 for them as a bunch… but individually, you may have a star earner which makes up for others that may be lacking….


  11. Motor Scooters Says:

    I think you’re going to achieve your goal easily. Plus I think more than one of your readers will be interested in buying your blogs themselves. In fact if you provide a quick guide about how you promoted the blog selling the ebook, I may be one of the buyers.

    I’m really interested in the freelance writers you hired. I had used writers at similar fees but got no good results. I would be really appreciate if you could recommend some of them to write in one of my blogs, at least by email.

    Do let us know when the blogs are online!


  12. Normal Joe Says:

    Great gameplan dude! This is gonna be interesting and I can’t wait to see the actual sites! I know them joints will be looking good!


  13. Otooo Says:

    I can’t wait to see how much they sell for


  14. Carl Says:

    Hello Bryan, Carl here from Thatblogsite from a while back. Just taking a look at your new blog and the whole site flipping scene. I have been doing it for a little while now, since you told me the basics.

    Keep up the great work, and look forward to reading the blog.



  15. Johnny Says:

    Stumpled upon your site from Shoemoney’s post. Never thought of doing this before as I was not aware that someone is willing to buy a blog without any PR or Alexa ranking. Keen to see how your gameplan executes and what results you are getting.


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