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Editing Turnkey Websites - Video Post

Here we’ll cover how to edit the information within a turnkey website, so that your monetization methods appear rather than the default ones. We’ll also show you how easy it is to get these sites set up and running on your own server.

8May2008 | Bryan Clark | 5 comments | Continued

Buying Turnkey Websites

Just like anything else, when flipping blogs, websites, turnkey sites, whatever… the money is made when you buy, not at the sale. The right price plays a huge part in how much money you’ll make later when you go to resell.

5May2008 | Bryan Clark | 0 comments | Continued

Turnkey Websites - Factors Of Valuation

As I said previously, the money is made when you buy a site, not at the closing table. The idea behind this post is to get you familiar with what you should be looking for in a turnkey website, and later we’ll discuss how much to spend.

3May2008 | Bryan Clark | 6 comments | Continued

How To Make Money With Turnkey Websites Mini-Course

This multi-part course is all outlined for you here. We’ll update this post with fresh links as the articles are completed, and hopefully you’ll get some real value out of this series.

Flipping turnkey sites is the absolute fastest way to get started in this industry. So, it just makes sense to start there.

1May2008 | Bryan Clark | 0 comments | Continued

What Is A Turnkey Website?

Don’t know what a turnkey website is? This is probably the best place for you to start. Here, we discuss what a turnkey website is, how to make money with it, and what to look for when buying them.

30Apr2008 | Bryan Clark | 2 comments | Continued

How To Make Money Flipping Websites And Blogs

Flipping blogs and sites is a niche that is set to explode. We already are at the point where we’re seeing 6-12 month old blogs being sold for 5 figures, so the future holds unlimited potential. Time to learn these skills while you can still profit from them.

29Apr2008 | Bryan Clark | 9 comments | Continued