The next step is to find forum and noticeboard sites in your market, because forums are sites where people with the same interests come together to discuss, debate and ask questions about the particular topic that interests them. If you can find active forums where people who are already interested in your niche congregate, you already have a captive market of people who are naturally interested in what you have to say.
In order to find these sites, the most effective first step is to search Google, because you know that Google ranks natural search results in order of popularity. This means that the most popular forum sites are automatically listed at the top of the search results page.
You search by appending the topic of your site to the word forum. As an example, if you want to find people who are interested in discussing dog training related matters, you would search dog training forum in Google.
Secondly, you need a forum where you are allowed to add a signature file. Because most forums do not allow a signature file to be a blatant, in-your-face advert, you have to be circumspect when creating your signature file. When you find a suitable forum or several forum sites, all you need to do is create a suitable signature file and then get involved. The bottom line is, forums are sites where you can sell your product or service without having to do any selling, because people will buy if they know that you know what youre talking about. Forums are great places for meeting other people who are already involved or interested in your own market. If using Google does not turn up the forum sites youre looking for, try using a forum directory like Big-boards or Forum Showcase to find what you are seeking.
Other Methods of Getting Articles Without Writing
Using a ghostwriter is one way, using private label rights articles you have bought is another option and doing an expert interview is yet a third way to compile article information.
Borrowing another writer’s article for use is yet another way to provide content for readers. Give the original author credit within the body of your article and fill in the rest with quotes from that author’s article. (For more detailed information on how to get backlinks.)
You don’t need to do the writing of your article, the writer who wrote the original article gets free publicity, and the reader gets the information that they want or need. Everybody wins.
Use survey results from a self-conducted survey as an article. You can create surveys through Survey Monkey at .
Use government provided information. Articles written by United States Government Authors are automatically in the public domain.