Register Keyword Rich Domain NamesIf you want to generate traffic as quickly as possible to the website you are going to flip, you may want to use a good online keyword research tool. The following essential tips should be considered by site flippers when registering domain names.1.
To do this I use two free keyword research tools, Google’s external keyword research tool, and Word Tracker’s free tool. Keyword research tools can also help you to analyze the competition surrounding the keyword phrase. The seller will want to find a good broad keyword to use in the domain name.
Good way to find out if a keyword is popular or not check out Google Keyword tool this site will tell you if the keywords have search volume and ad completion. Keyword Stuffing: It’s hugely important to include a keyword or key phrase into your domain name, because it can help boost your search engine results quite a bit.
Keyword rich domain name help in getting better search engine rankings of your website, and bring more search engine traffic, which is free and targeted. These keyword rich domain names are also more marketable, easily branded, and could give your website a nice boost in the SE rankings.2.
Domain Names Should Not Contain Misspelling Aside from URL redirection purposes, registering domain names that contain misspellings will not sell faster than properly spelled names. The Shorter a Domain Name The Better One word domain names are preferred to two word domains. Although there is no definite number of characters, all three-word and four-word .com domains have already been taken and five-word domains are running out fast. Words like domain, forex, etc may be getting $6 bid when words like school, books may be $1.Logicaly, you will agree with me that it is better to go for the words that have higher bid. This can be achieved by listing words related to your preferred domain name or related to the content of your website. Suppose you are planning a website on online business tutorials.
The high prominence of these sites attract many high profile buyers and big investors, who are attracted by the large selection of domain names and the ease of finding domain names through search.