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Site Flip Website Flipping Is Dead!

Or is it? It is pretty clear that the website flipping niche has been flipped upside down and there is not much of a market anymore. Most flippers have already seen it all and paid there money to a program that teaches them how to flip websites. So why are we seeing so many new website flipping companys starting up and selling their product to teach you how to flip websites?

Simple, these are the people that are late to the party and there are not many of them. So how can you profit in a market that is already saturated and only a hand full of newcomers are arriving each month. That is the question and it seems that no one has figured it out yet. There must be a way to do it right? Or wrong? Is it even possible to achive a profit from a saturated market?

I am a type of person that always thinks there is a way. There must be a way to make a buck or another avenue to take to get it flared up again. The only problem is that no one has thought of it yet so it seems impossible. I guess as an entrapenuer you are alwayays thinking outside of teh box, to beet your competitors and achive greatness.

The economy does not help at all either, most people are struggling to make money and then turn to the internet with no experience and push there last dollar into starting a business online. Most fail because they do not have the capital or knowledge to get it going.

So with all these people wanting to make money online why arnt they siging up to flip websites? You would think there would be a line outside your door waiting to get in and see your videos so they can start making money. I think it is going to take a lot more then that. You are goign to have to sniff them out and target them. Mabye find out what they are browsing?  Who knows.

Keep the faith, keep pushing on and remember there is always a way when there is a will. Never give up!

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Domain Name Registration Tips For Website Flipping

Register Keyword Rich Domain NamesIf you want to generate traffic as quickly as possible to the website you are going to flip, you may want to use a good online keyword research tool. The following essential tips should be considered by site flippers when registering domain names.1.
To do this I use two free keyword research tools, Google’s external keyword research tool, and Word Tracker’s free tool. Keyword research tools can also help you to analyze the competition surrounding the keyword phrase. The seller will want to find a good broad keyword to use in the domain name.
Good way to find out if a keyword is popular or not check out Google Keyword tool this site will tell you if the keywords have search volume and ad completion. Keyword Stuffing: It’s hugely important to include a keyword or key phrase into your domain name, because it can help boost your search engine results quite a bit.
Keyword rich domain name help in getting better search engine rankings of your website, and bring more search engine traffic, which is free and targeted. These keyword rich domain names are also more marketable, easily branded, and could give your website a nice boost in the SE rankings.2.
Domain Names Should Not Contain Misspelling Aside from URL redirection purposes, registering domain names that contain misspellings will not sell faster than properly spelled names. The Shorter a Domain Name The Better One word domain names are preferred to two word domains. Although there is no definite number of characters, all three-word and four-word .com domains have already been taken and five-word domains are running out fast. Words like domain, forex, etc may be getting $6 bid when words like school, books may be $1.Logicaly, you will agree with me that it is better to go for the words that have higher bid. This can be achieved by listing words related to your preferred domain name or related to the content of your website. Suppose you are planning a website on online business tutorials.
The high prominence of these sites attract many high profile buyers and big investors, who are attracted by the large selection of domain names and the ease of finding domain names through search.

Using Forums To Market

The next step is to find forum and noticeboard sites in your market, because forums are sites where people with the same interests come together to discuss, debate and ask questions about the particular topic that interests them. If you can find active forums where people who are already interested in your niche congregate, you already have a captive market of people who are naturally interested in what you have to say.
In order to find these sites, the most effective first step is to search Google, because you know that Google ranks natural search results in order of popularity. This means that the most popular forum sites are automatically listed at the top of the search results page.
You search by appending the topic of your site to the word forum. As an example, if you want to find people who are interested in discussing dog training related matters, you would search dog training forum in Google.
Secondly, you need a forum where you are allowed to add a signature file. Because most forums do not allow a signature file to be a blatant, in-your-face advert, you have to be circumspect when creating your signature file. When you find a suitable forum or several forum sites, all you need to do is create a suitable signature file and then get involved. The bottom line is, forums are sites where you can sell your product or service without having to do any selling, because people will buy if they know that you know what youre talking about. Forums are great places for meeting other people who are already involved or interested in your own market. If using Google does not turn up the forum sites youre looking for, try using a forum directory like Big-boards or Forum Showcase to find what you are seeking.
Other Methods of Getting Articles Without Writing
Using a ghostwriter is one way, using private label rights articles you have bought is another option and doing an expert interview is yet a third way to compile article information.
Borrowing another writer’s article for use is yet another way to provide content for readers. Give the original author credit within the body of your article and fill in the rest with quotes from that author’s article. (For more detailed information on how to get backlinks.)
You don’t need to do the writing of your article, the writer who wrote the original article gets free publicity, and the reader gets the information that they want or need. Everybody wins.
Use survey results from a self-conducted survey as an article. You can create surveys through Survey Monkey at www.surveymonkey.com .
Use government provided information. Articles written by United States Government Authors are automatically in the public domain.

What kind of money can you expect from Website Flipping?

The flipping of web sites has become one of the many businesses which help people to make money online. There are many web sites that are sold today at a very small rate of fifty dollars. You can learn about the flipping of web sites online and then make money with it. The first step is gaining basic understanding in the business of flipping web sites. The web site flipping business first involves the making of a web site. You can make a good profit when you promote the web site in an attractive way. So generate good traffic to your web site then increase the traffic to increase the profit. To add the content and generate the traffic there is no extra money calculated because you can also outsource the work. When you know web site designing you will gain more profit because you do not need to outsource this work because you know it already. This skill will make you gain even more profit. You can sell the web sites to many different sites. One such site is the Site Point Marketplace. Here you’ll  find more sites for the sales option. So you can make a good sum of money when you flip the web site.

An Introduction to Domain Name Flipping

The reality is that website flipping is profitable, it works and most importantly – you can flip anything if you can prove to the world it’s worthwhile.
Domain and website flipping are two that come to mind.
Let’s take a look at domain flipping.
When somebody says that they flipped a domain, what they are saying is they sold it. Yes you can sell domain names. Some people, domain brokers, make very comfortable livings flipping domains.
So now you know what domain flipping is, you can surely guess what website flipping is.
Just like you can flip a domain name you can do the same with a website. Website flipping is when you take an already developed website and put it up for sale. The more the home offers the more it costs.
When you buy a domain name you don’t have to build it up. Domain name flipping is less time and work intensive than website flipping. Some domain brokers make their living buying and selling domain names. They have portfolios that contain hundreds if not thousands of profitable domain names. Some domain names sell for several hundred dollars, others have been known to sell for well over 100,000 dollars.
So stop and think about it the next time you plan on buying a domain name.

Is Flippa The Only Choice for selling your flipped website?

If you’ve looked into site flipping at all, I’m sure you’ve heard of a place called Flippa. They are an online auction service, trying to pattern themselves after eBay, that specializes in online properties like blogs, websites, domain names, eBooks, you name it. If it’s virtual property, you can sell it there.
Their auction system is similar to eBay’s in that you pay a listing fee, you can set time limits on your auctions and you can set minimum bid amounts and reserve limits. They even have some semblance of a feedback system in place to rate buyers and sellers. Carpetbagging sellers will tell you their site has thousands of visitors a day, 10,000 backlinks and 100 articles floating around cyberspace. I sold a site at this online auction and stated in my listing that it was a brand new site with no traffic and no sales. The Comments and Feedback management at this auction site are a joke, too. If you’re a seller, you have to sit for hours, watching to see if someone bids, because all bids require the acceptance of the seller. But if you’re a buyer, this system is even more frustrating. According to the stats that they list on site, they processed sales in excess of $110,000 within the last week. For a site that does that much business, you’d think they would have better control over the final transaction, the part where money and property exchange hands. The QUALITY sellers.

Ways to make money flipping websites

Many people are familiar with the concept of flipping real estate for a profit – buying an undervalued property in poor condition, spending some money fixing the property and then attempting to sell it for a quick profit. The internet is still fairly new but buying and selling websites is often likened to flipping real property and real estate.

Google loves older sites and tends to rank them higher in the search engines. Many websites were created as hobbies, using simple design programs like Microsoft Front page. Along with the age of a domain, Google uses these factors in deciding which website should appear first, especially the incoming links.

These hobby websites aren’t updated by the owner and contain little advertising. These type of websites are the best type of sites to look for – they rank well in Google, have lots of incoming links and don’t have much advertising. Look in the top ten sites and see what sites appear in the top results.

If you do find a gem, use a free email address
like Yahoo or Hotmail, rather than your company address and email the owner to see if they might be interested in selling. If you can find a contact number, you could even try calling the owner.

Once you have the site in your control, you can then carry out your own website makeover. Your first step should be to get some website data from the website, so you can see what keywords are being used to find the website and where the traffic is coming from.

Create a new modern design and start implementing strategies to monetize the website. If the site is static html it is important to make changes slowly to the website. The next way to make money flipping websites, is building a website from scratch, producing the content, doing some promotion and then trying to selling it. There are a large number of free templates available which you can use to build your website and then you need content for the site, either written by yourself or articles that you have outsourced.

No-one is going to buy a website without any traffic, so you need to spend time building links and promoting the website. If you think you can eventually make more money by keeping the site and developing it long-term, why not just keep it.

One good type of website to start is where users submit content to the website. This could be a forum, classified website, job site or a dating site. If you make the site free to join and spend some time promoting it, you will get people to start using the website and it will look like an active and prosprrous website.

A buyer of the website then will have the opportunity to monetize the website by selling featured listings or premium accounts.

You can sell the site, when the television program is at the peak of its popularity. One of the best places to buy and sell websites is sitepoint.com and its new website flippa.com. They have several categories for selling websites, including ‘established sites, ‘premium websites’ and ’start up websites’. An established website needs to have between 500 and 100,000 unique visitors per month.

Flipping website is not a beginners way to make money online. For people who are creative and can come up with interesting and new ideas for a website, flipping websites can be a good way to turn a quick profit.

How to flip Micro Sites

The golden rule for website flipping is that traffic = value. Micro-sites are actually incredibly effective ways to flip websites. Whilst people think that flipping small sites is for small-timers, some of the best website flippers are the ones that are smart enough to do the research beforehand, find an extremely profitable niche and then exploit the search engines by building a site that is laser-targeted, keyword rich and search-engine friendly.
Micro-sites really are the site flippers secret weapon and this is because they make extremely profitable Google AdSense landing pages which when advertised on places such as SitePoint really does get a lot of interest. Creating the perfect micro site is all about impact. Wordpress is a great way to build a micro-site for flipping because it instantly makes site management a piece of cake. When it comes to selling a micro-site it’s all about profit. There are two main types of directly profitable sites; the first are Adsense ready type sites which are designed to get traffic and send visitors through to AdSense, and the second is to create an internet-marketing style micro ste.
There are countless ways to build micro sites and it really does depend on what you envisage as being most profitable. If your experience lies in affiliate marketing, then chances are you can make a potentially profitable marketing site quickly.
When it comes to building micro-sites the secret is to think about your seller and build a site they’d be interested in. Micro sites can be extremely profitable, just make sure to do your research beforehand!

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