The golden rule for website flipping is that traffic = value. Micro-sites are actually incredibly effective ways to flip websites. Whilst people think that flipping small sites is for small-timers, some of the best website flippers are the ones that are smart enough to do the research beforehand, find an extremely profitable niche and then exploit the search engines by building a site that is laser-targeted, keyword rich and search-engine friendly.
Micro-sites really are the site flippers secret weapon and this is because they make extremely profitable Google AdSense landing pages which when advertised on places such as SitePoint really does get a lot of interest. Creating the perfect micro site is all about impact. Wordpress is a great way to build a micro-site for flipping because it instantly makes site management a piece of cake. When it comes to selling a micro-site it’s all about profit. There are two main types of directly profitable sites; the first are Adsense ready type sites which are designed to get traffic and send visitors through to AdSense, and the second is to create an internet-marketing style micro ste.
There are countless ways to build micro sites and it really does depend on what you envisage as being most profitable. If your experience lies in affiliate marketing, then chances are you can make a potentially profitable marketing site quickly.
When it comes to building micro-sites the secret is to think about your seller and build a site they’d be interested in. Micro sites can be extremely profitable, just make sure to do your research beforehand!