Or is it? It is pretty clear that the website flipping niche has been flipped upside down and there is not much of a market anymore. Most flippers have already seen it all and paid there money to a program that teaches them how to flip websites. So why are we seeing so many new website flipping companys starting up and selling their product to teach you how to flip websites?

Simple, these are the people that are late to the party and there are not many of them. So how can you profit in a market that is already saturated and only a hand full of newcomers are arriving each month. That is the question and it seems that no one has figured it out yet. There must be a way to do it right? Or wrong? Is it even possible to achive a profit from a saturated market?

I am a type of person that always thinks there is a way. There must be a way to make a buck or another avenue to take to get it flared up again. The only problem is that no one has thought of it yet so it seems impossible. I guess as an entrapenuer you are alwayays thinking outside of teh box, to beet your competitors and achive greatness.

The economy does not help at all either, most people are struggling to make money and then turn to the internet with no experience and push there last dollar into starting a business online. Most fail because they do not have the capital or knowledge to get it going.

So with all these people wanting to make money online why arnt they siging up to flip websites? You would think there would be a line outside your door waiting to get in and see your videos so they can start making money. I think it is going to take a lot more then that. You are goign to have to sniff them out and target them. Mabye find out what they are browsing?  Who knows.

Keep the faith, keep pushing on and remember there is always a way when there is a will. Never give up!

P.S. I have been brainstorming way to much latly and I am thinking of doing something crazy for you guys (and gals). Keep your eyes peeled on siteflipu.com and make sure to subscribe via RSS or email. You will be the first to know, and keep in mind I know the struggle.