If you’ve looked into site flipping at all, I’m sure you’ve heard of a place called Flippa. They are an online auction service, trying to pattern themselves after eBay, that specializes in online properties like blogs, websites, domain names, eBooks, you name it. If it’s virtual property, you can sell it there.
Their auction system is similar to eBay’s in that you pay a listing fee, you can set time limits on your auctions and you can set minimum bid amounts and reserve limits. They even have some semblance of a feedback system in place to rate buyers and sellers. Carpetbagging sellers will tell you their site has thousands of visitors a day, 10,000 backlinks and 100 articles floating around cyberspace. I sold a site at this online auction and stated in my listing that it was a brand new site with no traffic and no sales. The Comments and Feedback management at this auction site are a joke, too. If you’re a seller, you have to sit for hours, watching to see if someone bids, because all bids require the acceptance of the seller. But if you’re a buyer, this system is even more frustrating. According to the stats that they list on site, they processed sales in excess of $110,000 within the last week. For a site that does that much business, you’d think they would have better control over the final transaction, the part where money and property exchange hands. The QUALITY sellers.