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A website with unique content will earn you a certain amount of money. If you
add traffic to your website then you are going to increase its value further,
particularly if that traffic results in earnings.
People who buy websites are looking for proven websites. In the current
economic climate they are less likely to take a risk on a website with just
If the site has traffic and earnings, particularly if they are established, i.e. for at
least a month, then the website will be more valuable to your potential buyer.
There is even less work for them to do as the site is already earning and has
You are looking to get organic search engine traffic, as this is the most valuable.
You could buy some traffic, but your potential buyers are likely to notice this.
Being caught out for this sort of trick could ruin your reputation and your chance
of selling websites in the future.
The tips in an earlier section of this book will help you optimize your website for
traffic, but there is more you need to do in order to start getting traffic.
Firstly, use a service such as for social bookmarking. This is
a great site that will submit your website to many of the social bookmarking
Don’t social bookmark the root of your domain, but social bookmark each of
your individual pages. Bookmark one or two pages per day until they are all
done in order to avoid any potential spam accusation and getting your account
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Article marketing is still an excellent way to get traffic to your site. Write
articles based around your keywords with your keywords as anchor text in the
resource box and submit them to the article directories.
Make sure you submit them to but also submit them to
other directories such as and
others. If you have some article submission software, then you can use that
too. Manually submitting articles to directories can take some time to do, so
just pick the top ten and submit to them.
Remember your articles are focused on getting people to click through to your
website and to help you rank well in the search engines.
Yahoo! Answers is another create source of traffic and to help you rank in the
search engines. The trick to succeeding with Yahoo! Answers is to provide
valuable information in the form of your answer.
Don’t include any links in your actual answer unless they are specifically asked
for. The best place for the link to your website is in the resources section of the
answer. It will get noticed, your answer will get ranked and people will click on
Blog commenting is another method of building backlinks. To succeed with this
means you have to find relevant blogs and leave good quality comments. Don’t
leave junk comments such as “Good post” or anything like that.
Make sure the comments add value to the blog as there is more chance of them
being approved and accepted on to the blog. Add additional information to the
post or disagree with it. Whichever, make sure you have the evidence to back it
Pretty much any of the usual traffic building techniques apply in this situation.
Anything you can do to generate traffic and increase your rankings in the search
engines is a good thing. The higher you can rank for keywords and the more
traffic you have, the more valuable your website will be to your buyers.
Another technique that works well is to create sites on web 2.0 properties such
as Squidoo, Blogger,, Hubpages and more. Create all of these
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with unique content and under new accounts because you can then hand these
over to your buyer as part of the deal. This will further increase the value of
your website to your buyers.
If you can get yourself ranking well for popular keywords and provide this as
evidence when you sell your website then it will increase the value of your sale.
Being in the top 10 rankings in Google for your keywords will help add a lot of
value to your website.
Generating traffic to the website you are planning to sell will increase the value
of your website. Potential buyers are looking for a website they have to do
minimal work on so the more you do, the less they have to do!

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