Get More Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic

Get More Organic Traffic

As I said before, organic traffic sells websites. But the real question is, how do you get more organic traffic? Well, that’s the part where it gets harder. Not hard per se, but BORING! Building organic traffic is all about generating backlinks. And let’s go one step further… high quality backlinks, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The question is – How do I generate more organic traffic?

1. Increase the number of unique visitors from through organic search engines
2. Increase the number of email subscribers with high-quality email content
3. Increase the number of social media followers with quality social media content
4. Increased search engine optimization (SEO) tips and tricks

The answer? Get links!!!

It sounds easy, and most of you are probably doing this in some form already… but probably doing it the wrong way. I read a statistic that scared the living bejesus out of me… 90% of bloggers don’t know what “anchor text” means. How the hell are you going to build a blog that is ever going to generate any traffic… if you don’t know the cardinal rule of generating organic traffic?

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Ok, before I go off on a rant, let’s take a step back and I’ll explain this to the 90% of you that supposedly exist, and don’t know what anchor text means. Anchor text is simply the text that a link displays. For example, if someone were linking to Site Flip U… they could use –

anchor text – – –

All of these suck! If you are going to link to me… please don’t use the domain name. These links work much better when it comes to generating more organic traffic.

Blog Flipping – Website Flipping – Site Flipping

If I’ve lost any of you… smack yourself on the forehead, and follow the principal back to the blogging 101 class. So the idea is, if you are using the easy link option of WordPress, you’d click on the little chain link icon… type out the URL, and then in the “Title” section, that would be your anchor text. Got it? Good… moving on!

Generally the anchor text issue can’t be avoided. You can try contacting every blog that links to you, and asking them to change the anchor text… but then you just look ungrateful. A link is a link… take it where you can get it. So how do you help to control your organic traffic destiny? Comment on forums, blogs, and in social sites using your anchor text as the name. However, you want to seek out “do-follow” blogs, due to their ability to pass juice.

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It’s a bit spammy

Now this is where it gets tricky. A lot of blog owners hate when you comment on their blog with your anchor text as your name. It’s a bit spammy, I agree… but if you ever comment here using your anchor text, I won’t remove it unless it’s questionable content (porn, gambling, etc.), or if your comment sucks royally, and you just spammed my site for a free link… which you won’t get, because I’m not do-follow, and this is the reason why… SPAMMERS SUCK! I realize that I don’t own the world… yet! So I would think that if your comment added nicely to the conversation, and you didn’t just dump a link and run… other bloggers might not mind as much. Some don’t care either way, they just like a full comment field, even if it’s pushing Viagra and Thai knockoff cell phones. Keep commenting… if they get deleted… so be it!

If building highly targeted back links using my anchor text is the fastest way to get more organic traffic, can anyone guess what comes next? Anyone?

Actually there are quite a few, but the one that stands out, is your title tags. These are the tags that appear on top of your browser window, and mine say –

Blog Flipping | Website Flipping | Make Money On The Internet

Why did I choose these? Well, they are relevant to my site! The blog is brand new, hasn’t even officially launched yet, and I’m already ranked on page one or two for a lot of terms that have to do with blog flipping, website flipping, and making money on the internet. I’ll take it… a little more work, and I’m destined for page one, barring any Bi-Polar type behavior from Google.

So how do you change the title tags? Well, if you are using a WordPress blog, just download the All-In-One-Seo Pack, and change them under the “settings” window. The one you MUST change is in the “tagline” section. These are your title tags.

Make Money On The Internet

Let’s not forget about post tags either.

All-In-One-Seo also allows you to add tags to your posts. Use them! These tags are search engine friendly, and they are usually the source of high quality backlinks from Technorati as well. Anything else to generate links? Yeah… tons… social bookmarking – uh huh, article submission – yep, directory submission – sure, bookmarking demon – Abso-freakin-lutely!

Guys, if you are serious about flipping websites, open up the wallet and spend the $ on this piece of software. It’s the one tool that you simply MUST HAVE. Generating links sucks. It’s boring, time consuming, and it doesn’t make you any cooler. So if you can find software to automate it, it’s a definite buy. The more time you can save building links, the more money you’ll make by devoting your time to something a little more profitable.

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