Twitter Cash

Use this exact method to set your Twitter account on auto pilot  and generate a ton of sales with free traffic.

1. Set up a Twitter account - personal photo, bio about website flipping, and add affiliate link to your profile.

2. Sign up for - add your Twitter account, auto send welcome message to new followers. Check auto-follow new followers and auto-unfollow.

3. Sign in to - follow up to 500 people talking about website flipping, web pages, web design, online investing, etc... Do quick run to auto-follow these people.

4. Sign up for Google alerts for auto content generation. Use the keyword "allintitle:website flipping" for many alerts. Edit => change to feed => copy the link URL of the feed into to shorten if desired.

5. Set up Twitterfeed to auto feed Google alerts content into your twitter. Create new feed => update hourly => add the Google alerts feed URL. Save and let it run.


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