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Show Of Hands - Who’s Selling?

24. July 2008


Over the past few days, it's come to my attention that most of you are planning on keeping your blogs. I definitely think that it's wise to hold on to any site for as long as you can before flipping it. Time generally means more money, and that's hardly a bad thing.

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Contest Update - Social Profiles

9. July 2008


Just wanted to get a quick post out so that you can all see the two new contestants. I'd like to welcome them onboard for the competition, and wish them the best. Good luck to the two of you!

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Blog Flipping Contest - The Early Days

3. July 2008


I'm afraid the first few days of building a new blog are completely un-eventful. It's a lot of the same crap that everyone hates doing, which is why people spend money on these things in the first place. So if you need a quick checklist of where you should be at this point... look no further!

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Ready, Set, Go… No, Stop… Read This First

30. June 2008


A few tips on domain selection. You may have heard that it's important to get a domain with your keywords in it. The truth is, in this case it doesn't matter. The reason you hear about picking a domain with your own keywords is that when people link to you, it automatically includes said keyword.

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Contest Starts Tomorrow - Are You Ready?

30. June 2008


Remember, the hardest part about making money online is TAKING ACTION. I commend the participants for stepping outside their comfort zone and making a huge step towards adding positive cash flow to their business, month after month.

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30 Days Of Site Flipping - Setting Goals

27. June 2008

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In just a few short days you'll be able to register your domain and begin your first flip. Excited? You should be. Once you master the first one, you'll see how easy it is, and you may just want to do it again!

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Blog Flipping - Researching, Negotiation, and Purchasing

6. June 2008


Well, it's been a couple of days, and unfortunately I didn't hear back from any of the potential sellers we emailed in our last post - Blog Flipping - Prospecting. However, I did get a response from someone else.

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How To Spot A Bad Deal

24. May 2008


When buying websites or blogs, there are a million bogus deals out there just waiting for a sucker to come along and eat the bait. There are wonderful deals to be had online, but you just have to be careful and do your due diligence before biting on what appears to be a wonderful deal.

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Make Money Online Blogs: Ridiculously Overpriced - Maybe Not

19. May 2008


It's no secret that make money online blogs have sold for quite a bit on the open marketplace lately. However, I tend to think just the opposite... for long term investors, make money online blogs may actually be UNDERVALUED. Here's a few reasons to scoop one up RIGHT NOW!

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Buying Turnkey Websites

5. May 2008


Just like anything else, when flipping blogs, websites, turnkey sites, whatever... the money is made when you buy, not at the sale. The right price plays a huge part in how much money you'll make later when you go to resell.

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